DearSA: The Public Participation Process Over Proposed Health Care Rules is a ‘Sham’ and ‘Irregular’

More than 95% of 280,000-plus DearSA comments from members of the public have come out against proposed health care regulations. DearSA has written to the Director-General

WHO’s COVID Death Data Is Fake News

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The World Health Organisation’s claim of 5,4 million deaths directly attributable to Covid-19 and additional 9,5 million as an indirect result does not square with


‘Car S.O.S’ Returns For Its Tenth Season Including Renovation

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‘Car S.O.S’ Returns With heart-warming Real-life Stories And Incredible Car Makeovers, Including The Show’s 100th Renovation 10 BRAND-NEW EPISODES PRESENTED BY TIM SHAW AND FUZZ TOWNSHEND


Unemployment Is Socialism’s Product

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The hand-wringing over South Africa’s unemployment “ticking time bomb” (The Mercury’s front-page headline of March 31) overlooks the most basic cause of this tragic situation:

Article Exposed Fake Narrative On Ukraine

The Mercury is to be commended for publishing the hitherto ignored perspective on the conflict in Ukraine as provided by Russian Ambassador Ilya Rogachev (