Whistleblower: Nurse Reveals COVID-19 Patient Mistreatment & Vaccine Injuries

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In this first episode of Whistleblower, Shabnam Palesa Mohamed speaks with a veteran registered nurse who has chosen to speak out because she believes medical

World Data Lab Partners With Africarare Metaverse

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Data science is poised to help improve the quality of life for Africans and raise awareness of crucial impact topics. Johannesburg/Vienna 25 July 2022: As the


Unemployment Is Socialism’s Product

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The hand-wringing over South Africa’s unemployment “ticking time bomb” (The Mercury’s front-page headline of March 31) overlooks the most basic cause of this tragic situation:

Article Exposed Fake Narrative On Ukraine

The Mercury is to be commended for publishing the hitherto ignored perspective on the conflict in Ukraine as provided by Russian Ambassador Ilya Rogachev (