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Our aim is to bring the news to you as we hear it, covering facts through careful research by covering all bases as often as we can to make sure everything you read is transparent, clear and concise.

ANN is privately owned and operated by one person, who receives article contributions. Some of these days are best spent carefully researching the news making sure you only hear the facts.

ANN specialises in content from, news, world, Africa, travel, technology, health, lifestyle, business, entertainment, film and television to name a few.

ANN encourage young and old journalists alike to drop in any news that isn’t always covered by the legacy media.

All our news is independently fact-checked and verified before going to press.

If you find any discrepancies, please bring this to our attention and we will double-check this according to your sources and ours and we will verify this and submit an update to fix anything that may have caused confusion.