AfroPunk Indie Rock band ZEBRA Release New Album, SORRY MOM

SORRY MOM is a lot like ZEBRA themself, to the point and what you see is what you get. SORRY MOM is about all the things that ZEBRA has done to annoy, disappoint … and now and then surprise their mothers (and how they can’t say sorry enough)!

SORRY MOM is Afro Folk Punk with a tongue-in-cheek sound, that draws inspiration from bands and artists such as Freshly Ground, Fokofpolisiekar, Kendrick Lamar and Hamilton the Musical. Both single and album explain ZEBRA as a band, and how at the end of the day, they owe it to their mothers to say sorry (since everyone lets down their mom’s at least once in their life).

The songs on SORRY MOM vary from living your best life, to a week in the life of a band member. For the first time, ZEBRA recorded a slow song that was never planned, but represents the helplessness of the Lockdown:

Siphe Mashigo “The Captain” (Vocals) ZEBRA has always been about having good times and relatability. With this album, nothing has changed, except the fact that the ‘babelas’ (hangover) hits harder, and that we are one step closer to finding our voice in a way that people would listen to. This album also focused a lot more on the musical side, playing new rhythms and cords which pushed boundaries that unlocked something new in each musician. So, once again … SORRY MOM, but Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to the show!”

Wildre “Wim” van Deventer (Vocals & Acoustic Guitar) “From wrong chords being played; to false notes being sung, I enjoyed every second of recording this album with my four brothers, because no one took themselves too seriously!”

Ivan van Heerden (Bass) “For me, this album was a chance to express ourselves a little bit more and to learn more about what works, and what doesn’t when it comes to recording music.”

“Funkin” Duncan Potgieter (Drums) “Recording this album has been a massive highlight through these turbulent times. I hope it brings some positive energy into as many people’s lives as possible.”

Justin Swartz “Nacho Steez” (Vocals & Keyboard) “Since I joined ZEBRA, I’ve been living my best life, knowing every vibe with the boys is different, fun, and crazy at the same time. This album is a reflection of how diverse we are. It’s lekke jas vibes, mei bru!”


1. Welcome To The Show (01:33)
2. Zebra Week (02:42)
3. First Year (03:07)
4. Down Down (02:57)
5. Exticy (03:33)
6. Sorry Mom (02:11)
7. BSRE (03:14)
8. Living My Best Life (03:41)
9. Zebra Fkn Way (02:13)
10. Life Sucks (04:17)
11. Sanbonani (02:48)
12. Got The Time (04:11)

SORRY MOM is available on all streaming platforms.



ZEBRA is self-described as the “wayward love-child of Comedic Rock and Indie Music”! Affectionately known as the “herd”, ZEBRA weaves a fantastic story with their original songs and catchy lyrics, all the while making everyone in the house dance!

ZEBRA have been getting a lot of attention on both the club and festival circuits with notable performances at Bushrock, Park Acoustics, Oppikoppi, Splashy, DeepRoots and RAM Halloween (with many more to follow). They opened for the likes of Jack Parow, PHFat, Rubber Duc, Fokofpolisiekar, Bittereinder and Van Pletzen and completed their first tour of KZN in December of 2018. Their first single, ‘New York’ was released on SoundCloud shortly thereafter.

In March 2020 ZEBRA released their debut EP and was amongst the first artists to Livestream their release performance due to the Lockdown. Mere months later in September 2020, they were back with a new member on Vocals & Keyboard (Justin Swartz aka “Nacho Steez”) and a new single titled, ‘Taxi Love’. ‘Taxi Love’ was released on the back of a hugely successful Social Stunt, whereby their non-stop streaming marathon to gather more Instagram Followers grabbed the attention of 5fm presenter Nick Hamman, who called ZEBRA and put them live on the spot on the afternoon drive show … the response to ‘Taxi Love’ was overwhelming (with requests for the track streaming in for days, leading them to record and release ‘Taxi Love’ as a single).

Since then, ZEBRA have been hard at work preparing their full-length album SORRY MOM now set to conquer the world!

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