Woolworths Adopts Anti-Faith/Family Stance!

Woolworths has decided to join the global sexual rights movement by commemorating International pride month and “establishing an internal W.Pride task team to give voice to and address issues faced by the LGBTQIA+ community.” They further, “adapted their working wardrobe policy to recognise preference to style, cultural or religious needs and gender identity or expression.”

Furthermore, Woolworths proudly proclaimed it has fully embraced the LGBTQ agenda by “creating a range of pride merchandise (including a children’s range) and donating funds to LGBTQIA+ support organizations.” Woolworths justifies its anti-faith and anti-family stance by citing “a commitment to inclusive justice” – which, presumably, does not include people of faith.

However, this is unrelated to ensuring that LGBTQIA+ customers feel accepted. There is no evidence to support the claim that Woolworths does not welcome LGBTQIA+ customers since it does not fly the rainbow flag. For instance, Woolworths hasn’t organized a “religious task-team” to welcome believers or developed a distinct line of goods to honor Christianity. Significantly, 60 percent of Woolworths’ revenue is earned over the holiday season.

In reality, Woolworths pulled the entire selection of Christian periodicals from its stores in 2010 due to “poor sales”—a claim that was later proven to be untrue. Errol Naidoo started a national movement to stop this blatant instance of Christian discrimination. After receiving dozens of angry complaints from customers, Woolies apologized and put the magazines back on the shelf.

High-end retailer Woolworths serves patrons from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds. Therefore, the objectives of the sexual rights movement shouldn’t be its main focus. They must have been made aware of the possibility of alienating people of religion who disagree with the LGBTQ lifestyle, yet they persisted in pursuing their awakened political agenda in order to placate radicals for sexual rights despite the risk.

The fundamental building block of society is the family. Numerous studies have shown that families are the foundation of society and essential to its well-being. Nevertheless, there is no “Family Month.” Unbelievably, an entire month is set aside to “celebrate” the high-risk behaviors of a vociferous minority.

In a significant move, Woolies chose to support this movement’s cause by both aligning with it and funding it. The “LGBTQIA+ support organizations” it funds are the same ones who actively advocate for “Hate Crimes” laws that make some biblical passages illegal. Additionally, they are promoting the reinterpretation of marriage and exposing kids to LGBTQ propaganda in the classroom.

What’s next? Will Woolworths be replacing women with trans-identifying men or aggressively marketing gender confusion to kids to bolster its LGBTQIA+ “inclusive justice” credentials?

If people of faith continue supporting Woolworths, they will be indirectly funding the sexual rights movement’s attacks against Biblical Christianity, the natural family and religious freedoms. LGBTQ groups have repeatedly claimed, “The Church has blood on its hands” for preaching homosexuality is a sin. They falsely claim this is what drives violence against LGBTQ people.

The Christian Church ought to speak out against Woolworths’ risky awakened agenda immediately. Christians must forgo all forms of support for Woolworths. If we don’t, it will encourage other big businesses to support the worldwide campaign for sexual rights and invest millions of dollars in this harmful goal. This will be really terrible news for religious freedoms, the natural family, and faith.

Clarify that supporting the sexual rights movement does not advance “inclusive justice” but rather a political agenda that forces its ideology down people’s throats and tries to silence and punish those who disagree by sending an urgent email to Roy Bagattini, CEO of Woolworths South Africa, at roybagattini@woolworths.co.za.

Woolworths has thrown its considerable influence and finances behind the LGBTQIA+ movement. This means it supports the targeting of innocent children with LGBTQIA+ propaganda (its children’s pride range proves this) and the attacks against faith, family and religious freedoms.

I urge Christian leaders in South Africa to boldly speak out against Woolworths woke policies that alienate millions of people of faith. Pastors must encourage their congregations to avoid Woolworths, H&M, Starbucks and others that align with the evil agenda of sexual rights radicals.

If you and I remain silent while major corporates align with the global LGBTQ agenda, we will only have ourselves to blame. Target stores in the US lost billions for stocking LGBTQ “pride” merchandise linked to a satanist. The backlash against woke corporations is raging in the US.

FRC’s ” The Washington Stand” reports, “I do think we’re at a tipping point,” he said to Dr. Albert Mohler, president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, on Thursday. “It’s one thing to push the whole LGB [agenda],” Perkins insisted, “But this transgender thing … [is] a bridge too far. … [Americans are] seeing their children and grandchildren transformed by this ideology. And it’s frightening. … And when you have corporate America jumping on the bandwagon, pushing this, and it’s in your face at every turn, [then this becomes] a different moment.”

South African Churches and Christian shoppers in particular must stand up for real justice and refuse to support Woolworths or any other corporation that aligns itself with a movement that constantly attacks Biblical faith, the natural family, innocent children and religious freedoms. We must take a bold stand now to protect our children and grandchildren from this wicked ideology.

In other news, the “Sexual Offenses Amendment Bill” that seeks to legalize the entire sex-industry in South Africa hit a roadblock in Parliament. Deputy Minister of Justice, John Jeffrey said, the Bill cannot proceed because state law advisors warned it will not pass constitutional muster. This is a small but important victory that I will write more about next week.  Pray, Speak Up & Act!

Source: Errol Naidoo – Mailchim

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