What Is The Real Purpose Of The Vax Narrative?

In view of the abandonment of Covid restrictions and mandatory jabs in the UK, Denmark, Mexico, Peru, Saskatchewan province of Canada and 13 states in the US, it is disappointing to note that the ANC government cravenly continues to apply the rapidly fizzling Covid/vax narrative and promotion of the jab.

A meta-analysis conducted by scientists at Johns Hopkins University has concluded that the policies of lockdowns, social distancing and masks are “ill-founded” and should be “rejected.” Scientists not under the influence of the imposed narrative have repeatedly pointed out that because the apertures in the weave of masks average 80 microns in size, they do not repel the Covid virus, which is one micron in size.

Although there is no excuse for ignorance on this subject, it is remarkable how confusion has been weaponised and how fear distorts logic. This is particularly so with regard to the widespread exhortation to have the jab. Yet if people noted the adverse effects the so-called vaccines are having, they would demand an immediate end to them.

The latest New South Wales (Australia) government Covid-19 weekly report notes that 96% of cases are vaxxed; 90% of hospitalisations are vaxxed and 75% of deaths are of those who were vaxxed. In Denmark, where 95% of the population is vaxxed and 65% are already on boosters, hospitalisations exceed previous records. The US Department of Defence notes that 70% of military hospitalisations are vaxxed.

In the majority of cases, rapid deterioration in heart conditions was noted. The CDC reports that in the US, the occurrence of myocarditis is 133 times greater amongst those who have had the jab. Israel is overrun with Covid cases despite over 90% of the population having had the jab and boosters.

What is empirically obvious is that the so-called vaccines are perpetuating the transmission of Covid. Not only do they not provide immunity, but they have a deleterious effect on health and the immune system. What is also empirically established is that the boosters progressively retard the body’s ability to recover its natural immunity.

The irrefutable conclusion from this data is that the pandemic is amongst the vaxxed. That begs the question: what is the real purpose of the vax narrative?

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