Right on cue, the mass media is extolling the agenda of the 2023 gathering at Davos of the World Economic Forum (WEF) with its slogan “cooperation in a fragmented world” (The Mercury, January 13). But there is much that is deceptive about that slogan.

Our world is not a fragmented one but a naturally, God-ordained, diverse one. The first proponents of a united human race were defeated by diversity in their attempt to build the tower of Babel. As history records, empires come and go. Whereas peace and the brotherhood of man were the motivation of previous one-world proponents, a utopia.

John Lennon’s song Imagine neatly epitomised, the WEF uses fear and coercion to motivate its Great Re-Set agenda.

According to the WEF and the business, political, academic and scientific globalist community, climate change is anthropogenic and is being driven by the use of fossil fuels. In terms of the WEF’s calendar, unless decarbonisation is rigorously enforced the planet is going to overheat, oceans will rise, food security will be stunted and humanity’s survival will be severely compromised.

In order to reduce the carbon footprint, fossil fuels must be progressively eliminated along with a drastic reduction of greenhouse gas-producing bovine herds.  In WEF-aligned governments like that of New Zealand, farmers are required to manage animal diets differently and to plant more trees so as to contribute to the reduction of global warming. Already lab-produced protein is on sale in North America and Europe as per WEF policies.

The other altruistic concern of the WEF is global health. It regards the Covid-19 pandemic and its variants as a challenge to be met by increased dispensing of what are called vaccines.  With great prescience, the WEF has spotted new pandemics on the horizon which will necessitate new vaccine mandates and their result, vaccine passports so as control social mobility.

To that end, the WEF-aligned World Health Organisation seeks to sideline the sovereignty of 190 countries by subjecting them to its health dictates which are largely financed by Big Pharma.

What the WEF and its surrogates blatantly ignore are the scientific voices of opposition to the premises of their agenda. There is no global warming as temperature records for the past 65 years indicate. Climate change is a natural, historical occurrence. Global warming occurred twice in the past 2000 years when fossil fuels were not in use. There was no pandemic because 99% of the infected survived. But the vaccines are causing the deaths and poor health of hundreds of thousands.

Like the Climate Change Summit that took place at Sharm El Sheikh last year, the Davos WEF gathering is a junket for the elite who have no mandate to barter the future of the planet with the likes of Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates based on falsehoods and who aspire to depopulation and servitude.

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