Watch: New BOMBSHELL Pfizer Lawsuit Could Change Everything In South Africa

Leading medical professionals in South Africa demand urgent cessation and judicial review of Pfizer’s vaccine products

Pfizer could face legal action in South Africa for the Covid vaccine. The High Court of South Africa received a show cause notification on Monday from a group going by the name of, Freedom Alliance of South Africa (FASA). “Real-world data analysis, which is claimed to show an association with increasing death from both COVID and non-COVID causes in the vaccinated compared to the unvaccinated,” was included in the filing. The plaintiffs contend that the emergency use authorization Pfizer used to distribute the vaccine was “illegal,” and they are requesting the court to review and revoke it. If the lawsuit goes forward, Pfizer would have to defend the vaccine and all of its side effects for the first time. Pfizer has yet to respond to this litigation.

The notice of this application was filed at the High Court in Pretoria South Africa on 23 March 2023, to review and set aside the authorisation of Pfizer’s vaccine products on the basis that the authorisation was irrational and unlawful. If successful, this will result in the removal of Pfizer’s mRNA vaccines from the domestic market as “unsafe and ineffective”.

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