Watch: What You Should Know Before Getting The Coronavirus Vaccine

A collection of videos put together by LifeSiteNews is available to everyone, with information from renowned experts that explain what YOU NEED to Know before considering the coronavirus vaccine.

This collection will serve as a single place of reference from expert information and testimony about many dangers associated with the coronavirus shot.

Each video selected covers the science behind the vaccine, the known and unknown dangers, and the concerns associated with the use of cells from aborted babies.

In a rushed effort to market the coronavirus shot, they skipped essential testing. The mRNA technology being used in many coronavirus shots has never been used in vaccines in the past and has never been studied in this use.

Despite the lack of knowledge. They skipped many of the standard testing procedures.

With this in mind, one should consider the need for the vaccine. According to Media Matters, the virus is “10” times more lethal, yet the author asks an important question. “More lethal than what?” “What does lethal mean?” he continues…

Ten times more lethal? Lethal than what? What does lethal mean? Does lethal kill you? Does lethal infect you? Does lethal give you a temperature of 102 versus 100? What does it do to you? It’s a meaningless comparative. Ten times more lethal? The only thing worth knowing in this story is that Anthony Fauci says the fatality rate to coronavirus is much less than what they believed.

Yet, the survival rate is anything from 95% to 99.997% and alternative treatments are available. One should ask. “Why are alternative treatments being withheld while they have proven it to work?”. As in the case with Ivermectin.

Yet, according to the CDC, their claims on COVID-19 are vague. While they give all the symptoms of the flu, they say very little about COVID-19. They only mention the following, “other signs and symptoms of COVID-19, different from flu, may include change in or loss of taste or smell.”

There are other issues related to a “Loss of Smell.” – According to VKOOL, they mention 11 causes.

While listing COVID-19, at least 11 other causes of a “Loss of Taste” are included. See the list at Health Line.

So, before you consider taking a vaccine that has never been fully tested and FDA approved, we suggest you watch the following videos.

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