Watch: Project Veritas Exposes COVID-19 Vaccinations and The Evidence is Shocking

In the past few months, Project Veritas has done an astounding job, exposing COVID-19 vaccines to the world. In what is now 4-parts and counting, Project Veritas released their fourth video this morning exposing Pfizer.

Whistleblower Nicholas Karl is an experienced biochemist who admits that those who had COVID have stronger immunity than those who received the Pfizer vaccine.

“Anti-bodies are probably better than the vaccination.” explains Karl

In the same video, two other Pfizer scientists echoed the same sentiment.

In part 1 of an earlier video, ER Doctor Maria Gonzales said, “The government doesn’t want to show that the vaccine is full of sh*t.”

In part four, two other whistleblowers at Pfizer uttered the same sentiment. Watch part 4 of the Pfizer expose below.

Watch parts 1, 2 and 3 at

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