Watch: Cavendish Mall Security Assaults Man For Not Wearking Mask

Thursday 11 February 2021: Four security guards assaulted a woman while filming an altercation between mall security and an unknown civilian at Cavendish Square. When she stepped in, to question why they had attacked him this way. They immediately turned onto the woman filming the incident. According to Exclusive Books security, they asked him to put on his mask.

More information on this soon.

Update; 12 February 2021: We got hold of the woman in question, “I do not know who the guy was that they harassed, and I don’t know what happened before they attacked him. I was there and took the video when exclusive books security said, it was because of the mask. Then I had a few harsh words with centre management. I believe it was the supervisor. I wanted to see the guy, to make sure that he was okay, but they refused. Anyway, I contacted Cavendish via Facebook and they responded via messenger.” She explained.

*Cavendish mall had not responded to us with numerous attempts going unanswered.

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