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VIRTUAL LAND FOR MAHALA: Africarare Puts Virtual Land Up For Grabs

Johannesburg 19 May 2022: The race to own virtual land is being described as the new gold rush as people and corporates race to dash to secure their future in the metaverse. Now, a new game is putting $100 000 worth of Ubuntuland virtual land up for grabs in a fun and engaging way.

Africarare, Africa’s first metaverse is highly sought-after as the place to be for those wishing to develop their presence in the virtual world. Last month, 149 plots of, Ubuntuland, sold out in a few minutes when released for sale. This came after tech giant MTN and advertising agency M&C Saatchi Abel secured land in this metaverse to develop branded virtual villages, earlier this year.

The Community Land Drop For Mahala game launches on 23 May, with weekly quests featuring scavenger hunts, quizzes and other adventures in Ubuntuland, and on social media. The quests will run on Twitter from Monday at 5:00 PM till Friday at 5:00 PM (CAT), with winners being announced on Sunday evenings. Prizes include 1×1 land plots, 1×1 precious land plots, 3×3 land plots and other NFT surprises.

To participate, simply go to Twitter @AfricarareNFT every Monday at 5:00 PM to get the first clue for the week’s quest. This will lead you to the Discord channel, #land-drop-quest, where the next instructions await. The competition will take place over 12 weeks from the start date. Terms and conditions apply.

“We believe in growing a thriving community in Africarare and want to reward our current and future users with a fun way to help grow the community and stand a chance to win Ubuntuland virtual villages,” said Mic Mann, co-founder and CEO of Africarare.

“Virtual land is an incredible investment opportunity and a real part of the future of online commerce,” said Shayne Mann, Co-founder of Africarare. “Good luck to everyone that enters, we can’t wait to see this game unfold,” he added.

There will only ever be 204 642 plots of Ubuntuland available, made up of different village sizes in various community hubs in Africarare. The land is positioned and priced according to a tiered value system, based on village size and area. Landholders will be able to customize their 3-D land spaces, such as hosting shops, producing resources, renting virtual services and developing games or other applications.

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