Significantly but not surprisingly John Wittstock evades the challenge to acknowledge the existence of  the Deep State’s agenda (The Mercury, August 23, 25), illiberally preferring to assert that, facing 91 felony charges, Trump must be guilty while insisting that Biden is innocent of racketeering despite evidence to the contrary.

Since Wittstock is anxious that issues should not be “misconstrued” by being “glossed over,” here, then, is some of the evidence Trump will present to dismiss the charges against him which are intended to destroy him politically.

Bragg’s inflated 34-count indictment alleging business record violations is effectively a single charge that has no bearing on tainting an election. Instead, it is a deliberate politicisation of the legal system. No victim. No crime. No case.

Trump had every right to query the Fulton County vote count because, as the largest in Georgia, it was known for voter irregularities. Subsequent findings proved his suspicions: 37,000 in-person ballots were missing in Fulton. Dominion voting machines used in 64 of the state’s 159 counties had error codes which meant scanners miscounted ballots.

A report by cyber-security expert, Professor Alex Haldeman of Michigan University has found that Dominion voting machines “suffer from critical vulnerabilities that can be exploited to subvert its security mechanisms.” Computer expert Clinton Curtis testified to a Congressional hearing that he could program a voting machine to manipulate results without detection. Dominion executive Eric Croomer has conceded that a “critical bug” in the machines leads to incorrect results. (World Net Daily, June 19, 2023; February 17 & 22, 2023).

The laughably creative string of alleged felonies committed by “19 co-conspirators in furtherance of their conspiracy to overturn the 2020 election” includes “impersonating an officer, making false statements, forgery in the first degree and attempting to file false documents.”  Enhancing the farce is that the state of Georgia has no jurisdiction over the accused because they were federal officers acting on behalf of the President. Thus, the case has to be heard in a federal court (Epoch Times, August 22)

Allegations of false statements and political speech enjoy first amendment protection which is why special prosecutor Jack Smith’s charge that Trump “created widespread mistrust” by claiming electoral fraud is unfounded. Yet widespread research and court findings have established that the scale of electoral fraud was amply sufficient to change the 2020 election outcome.

Whereas Mr Wittstock hangs his hat on the drunken remarks of a former Trump aide concerning so-called Russian collusion, Clinton campaign manager, Robin Mook,  testified in court in May 2022 that Hillary Clinton paid for and signed off on the Trump/Russia disinformation plot. Three years of investigation by special prosecutor John Durham proved the falsehood of the Steele dossier and that FBI director McCabe ordered a shut-down of the investigation into the foreign funding  the Clinton campaign received.

Last month six banks reported 170 “suspicious activities” by the Bidens. Earlier this month it was confirmed in Congress by bank records that $20 million had been passed on to the Bidens from China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine. Speaker Kevin McCarthy has stated that the House investigation into Joe Biden “is nearing impeachment level.”

The indictments against Trump prove that fear of truth is motivating the weaponisation of justice by the Deep State Biden regime. In one respect, Mr Wittstock is correct. Electoral fraud in 2020 was organised. But not by Trump.

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