The contrived indictments against Donald Trump (The Mercury, August 16) reflect the desperation of America’s elitist political establishment known as the ‘Deep State’ to prevent his return to power and his promise to end their oligarchical dominance and submission of the US to the un-American globalist agenda.

However, the mistake his detractors are making with regard to the indictments is that they have baited themselves. The truth Trump’s lawyers will present will expose the lies and double standards of the Deep State and backfire on the Democrat Party.

Soros-funded Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s indictment of Trump on the basis of an issue that has expired in terms of the statute of limitations has no basis in law. But as such, it reflects the weaponisation of the justice system for political purposes and, like the other indictments, exposes the two-tier system of justice that prevails under the Biden Deep State regime which declines to indict the Biden family on incontrovertible evidence of money laundering.

Trump complied fully with the National Archives and the FBI in securing presidential documents at his private residence. Thus, the indictment concerning those papers and the accusation of his breach of the Espionage Act of 1918 is unfounded in terms of the Presidential Records Act which empowers presidential declassification.  Biden has 1,850 unsecured, classified documents between his garage in Delaware and the local University. Yet he has not been indicted despite the fact that as  a former Vice President  he has no right to be holding classified documents.

Biden as Vice President openly interfered in the justice system of Ukraine by demanding the removal of the prosecutor investigating the Burisma company of which his son Hunter was a board member and threatening financial sanctions otherwise. Why was Biden not charged under the Espionage Act?

Since the charge of having incited insurrection on January 6, 2021 has been dropped because it was false, the new charge against Trump is that of seeking to defraud the US of the outcome of the 2020 election.  The first amendment upholds the expression of opposing views in which case there is no crime in Trump objecting to the integrity of the 2020 election. Hillary Clinton still maintains the 2016 election was fraudulent, yet she has never been indicted for propagating that view.

In the election of 2000, Democrat Al Gore lobbied state officials in Florida to secure recounts of votes in selected counties to find the 600 votes that would win him the presidency. He was never indicted for election interference or accused of conspiracy.  Yet Trump’s right to query political fraud in Fulton County, Georgia, over Biden’s 12,000 vote winning margin has been criminalised.

Where the indictment of electoral fraud  in 2020 is going to explode in the faces of  the Deep State and their kept media is when Trump’s lawyers present the vast body of evidence proving their case of  how,  with a few poorly attended public appearances, Biden received 81 million ballots – not votes – in an elaborately planned and executed political heist.

As RF Kennedy jr recognises, America is at a crossroads. Trump’s Maga movement represents a fundamental threat not only to the new world order globalists within the US but also to their fellow travellers elsewhere.

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