It is an acknowledged reality that the only structure keeping South Africa going is the private sector. The shambles that the ANC has made of government is all too tragically obvious.

Besides the proven failure of the socialist policies the ANC insists on applying, the government is dysfunctional because of its policy of transformation. By retiring institutional memory, and marginalising minorities in favour of cadre deployment and demographic quotas, the transformation has caused the corruption, waste and ineptitude that now passes for governance..

But despite that reality, the transformation proponents hurl abuse at the private sector because the contents of its character have not been transformed to their liking. This is very apparent from regular articles in Business Report – July 31, being the latest.

Journalism that does not recognise that there is no substitute for merit in employment simply becomes ideological propaganda when it harps on about demographic statistics in the private sector that do not match those the transformation commissars prescribe.  Given the impact of transformation on the public sector, it should be obvious that it is a wrecking ball which if fully applied to the private sector will herald the final denouement of this country.

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