Time to Boycott: Woolworths’ Pride Campaign Sparks Christian Backlash

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Woolworths, a retail giant based in Cape Town, South Africa, with operations spanning over 20 African countries, has chosen to persist with its in-store “Pride” campaign, despite objections from Christian consumers.

The retailer has received numerous emails protesting their campaign from a Christian perspective. In response, Woolworths has disabled comments from Christians, prioritising LGBTQ advocacy over the voices of their customers.

By accepting money from Christian patrons while silencing their viewpoints, Woolworths has shown a disregard for the dignity and rights of Christian consumers, setting a worrying precedent for how these views are valued.

An LGBTQ news outlet has praised Woolworths for their “Pride campaign” and labelled Christian opposition as ‘hateful,’ further widening the divide between the retailer and Christian consumers.

As Woolworths showcases pride-themed merchandise in their stores, the revenue generated supports LGBTQ organisations and their activist agendas, turning retail spaces into platforms for ideological battles.

Woolworths has revived its controversial Pride campaign
Woolworths continues to push its satanic pride campaign

This environment exposes families and children to LGBTQ propaganda, which undermines traditional family values and erodes the foundation of familial relationships built on fatherhood and motherhood.

It is crucial for Christian shoppers to take a stand by boycotting Woolworths, denouncing the transformation of retail spaces into arenas for LGBTQ indoctrination while stifling Christian dissent.

In the face of rising LGBTQ ideologies that threaten societal morals and the well-being of children, action is essential.

In a world where secular viewpoints often overshadow religious beliefs, Christians must remain steadfast in upholding the sanctity of families as the cornerstone of society. Through unity and determination, we must hold Woolworths accountable by refusing to support their stores across various African countries.

Let’s make our voices heard and compel Roy Baggatini, CEO of Woolworths, to acknowledge the valid concerns of Christian consumers. Stand with us and add your name to this petition today! Don’t forget to boycott the shameless Woolworths retail chain, just as Americans did to Bud Light when they collaborated with Dylan Mulvaney.


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