The contents of the opinion piece lamenting what it called “the lost battle to get people vaccinated” (The Mercury, July 12) is a clear example of the narrative of silence.

Although the writer acknowledges a “posture of hesitancy” that has manifested itself not only in South Africa but globally as people avoid the jab, she evades discussion of why that is the case. Like other opinion pieces on Covid and the vax that have saturated the mass media, it fails to acknowledge the basic fact that because 99% of people recovered from Covid, there never was a pandemic. It also glosses over the fact that none of the jabs, erroneously called vaccines, were subjected to standard rigorous testing over a five year period and thus are posing risks far greater than Covid.

The most damning aspect of the narrative of silence is the extent to which the jabbed are experiencing ill health and dying. Rising death rates are being reported in the UK, US, Ireland, Germany – all highly vaxxed countries. Another significant occurrence is what is called the Sudden Adult Death Syndrome. Between March 2021 and March 2022, 769 athletes suffered cardiac arrest. The international football federation FIFA recorded the sudden deaths of 21 players. In Ireland heart disease has suddenly rocketed amongst children. In Uruguay, a judge has halted the vaxxing of children for similar reasons. Lincoln, the fifth largest life insurance company in the US, has recorded an unprecedented rise in life insurance claims.

 VAERS data (vaccine adverse effects reporting system which reflects only 10% of actual cases), for the period December 2020 to March 2022, noted a huge spike in deaths of babies and miscarriages – 3,816. Significantly, all the women involved were vaxxed. Declining birth rates have been reported from Germany (13%), North Dakota (11%) and Taiwan (23%). Diminished fertility rates and lower sperm counts are also being logged.

All of this data is authentic and publically available, yet it is not published by the mainstream media which begs the question: why? The answer, freely available from sources such as RF Kennedy’s The Defender or the Epoch Times, is that there is collusion between governments and drug companies involving big money.

For example, in June the Biden regime signed a $3,2 billion deal with Pfizer to produce 105 million doses of its new, untested, re-formulated vax.  Despite the risks involved, Biden Health secretary Xavier Becerra claims the new vax will “protect people from a serious illness.” FDA vax cheerleader, Dr Paul Offil has acknowledged that “FDA decisions are based on political pressure, not science.” Referring to vax doses, the deputy director of the EU Medicines Agency, Noel Wathion, has admitted that the terms “approved” and “authorised” are not scientific.

As more and more people suffer from the jab and question its purpose, the narrative of silence on the biggest medical fraud of all time will prove unsustainable.

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