The Success Story Behind Lorna Scott, Founder of Inverroche Gin

Meet Lorna Scott, the CEO and founder of Inverroche Distillery. Lorna has had many roles in her career, she was once an air hostess, then became the marketing and sales manager of a food service corp, and later became the operations director of the same company. Lorna then changed her career path by becoming the deputy mayor of the Hessequa municipality which covers the region of Still Bay where she currently lives.

Although her background was in marketing, during her time as Deputy Mayor Lorna became involved in sustainable development. One of her main objectives was to develop the region as a tourist destination and create employment amongst the local community.

Lorna currently now runs programmes on Thought leadership where she educates small to medium entrepreneurs on how to grow and uplift the communities they hail from.

Lorna’s cultural influence, talent and solutions in order to inspire the world through the African story of entrepreneurship, innovation, inspiration and positive disruption.

Lorna also discovered a world-renowned archaeological site close to the Inverroche distillery, with traces from hundreds of thousands of years ago of how man survived, on what the ocean and plant life naturally provided. She wanted to create a global brand and product range in order the tell the history of Still Bay by utilizing the very fynbos botanicals from the cape floral region that would have sustained our ancestors. This would also create a commercial function for them and preserve their existence against agricultural farming.

Lorna was the first to infuse gin with Fynbos, creating and pioneering a new category in the local and international industry. Her passion for sustainability has led to a successful eco-friendly business where 70 % of the staff are women employed from the local community, and the entire gin making process, from distillation to bottling is symbiotic with the environment. Inverroche is currently available in over 16 countries worldwide.

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