The Health Department Defies Constitution: The Vaccine Only Solution Lie

Durban, South Africa – January 31, 2022 – The Health Department’s rebuttal of the Commission for Gender Equality for its defence of young women of reproductive age and their right to choose, as well as opposing mandates, is unconstitutional.

The vaccine has been fiercely promoted as the only cure for Covid-19, which clearly is not the case. Many very effective remedies have emerged, as confirmed by top-level scientists worldwide. It is evident that our science continues to be a one-sided narrative. This is not science, as genuine science involves healthy debate by scientists from all different perspectives, arriving at a consensus to make it genuine science. Even then, the results and long-term data will guide the way to further discussions and the emergence of improved solutions. Medicine is an ongoing evolutionary process. It’s a cooperative effort of the critically thinking scientists, and a process not to be interfered with by political agendas, which stymie the evolution of genuine science.

There is mounting evidence all over the world that the COVID-19 vaccine carries high risk. There is no proven risk-benefit for the COVID-19 vaccine as there is no long-term data. The vaccines are still on emergency use authorisation, as they have not completed trials.

There is no higher law than our constitution, which grants inalienable rights to every sovereign person, and the right to informed consent regarding medical interventions. Informed consent has not been given to the South African population.

Instead, increasing unprecedented coercion for a medical procedure and the unethical luring of the people with unprecedented media fear campaigns and bribery, being the modus operandi. Whose interests are being protected here?

The Health Department is determined to stick to the official lie of “COVID-19 vaccines are highly effective against severe illness…”

Health Department responds to reports on Vaccination and Women’s Health

In the above response, the Health Department makes the following statement…

“It is of concern that the statement released by the CGE on menstrual irregularities associated with COVID-19 vaccines appears to have been done without consultation with any of expert institutions. The statement has not considered all available evidence and the substantial benefit associated with vaccinating women of reproductive-age and pregnant women…”

… yet the Department seems to be oblivious of the existence of the medical experts listed below, including the inventor of mRNA technology, Dr Robert Malone.


Geert Vanden Bossche, DMV, PhD is an independent virologist and world-renowned vaccine expert, formerly employed at GAVI and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. He published an open letter to the WHO about his concerns about the way we are vaccinating people during this pandemic.


Dr. Robert Malone discusses the COVID vaccine’s effect on the ovaries, causing concerning changes to women’s menstrual cycles that the CDC and FDA have largely ignored. “We have a clear trail of bread crumbs about reproductive toxicity that’s not being followed up.”

Next is a link to an article by Dr. James Thorp, a maternal foetal medicine specialist, revealing that COVID-19 vaccines are causing massive pregnancy loss, further exposing the; “The Vaccine is safe and effective” narrative and the unadulterated “not supported by data” lie in the Department’s conclusion. “The conclusion by the Commission that ‘many women may not be comfortable taking vaccines, due to possible long-term effects’ is not supported by data…”.

Dr. James Thorp, a maternal foetal medicine specialist, has revealed that COVID-19 vaccines are causing massive pregnancy loss.

In our view, it beggars belief of how it is possible that a country’s Health Department seems to be totally oblivious of what is medically happening in this country as well as around the world. How else can one explain the continual parroting by all and sundry in Government about the safety and efficacy of this experimental gene therapy in the face of growing worldwide evidence to the contrary?

35,000 women in Britain report irregular menstrual cycles or period pain after getting a jab.

The accusation by the Department that “the statement released by the CGE on menstrual irregularities associated with COVID-19 vaccines appears to have been done without consultation with any of expert institutions,” simply defies logic in the face of expert warnings coming from the likes of former Pfizer Vice President Dr Mike Yeadon.

MRNA vaccine blocks protein that helps formation of human placenta.

Freedom Alliance South Africa, firmly stands with the views of the Commission for Gender Equality.

Authors: Andé Kruis & María Serendipity

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