The End To South Africa’s Two-year SoD Ordeal

The national State of Disaster (SoD) for South Africa ended at midnight and from today the 05th of April 2022, South Africans will wake up to a new dawn and try to gather whatever semblance of life, family, as well as the religious belief they can, after a protracted 750 days of forced lockdown.

The Presidency of the Republic of South Africa has officially announced his cabinet’s unanimous approval of the ending of the SoD, but they also tried to sneak in there an additional 30 days of further regulations based on the “relaxed regulations for observation”. With a veiled mooted threat or warning that SoD may well be re-instituted should the pandemic re-emerge?

This is telling of a regime that has abused its power and mandate with gross infringements of the constitution and the rights of the free and independent people of South Africa.

We at this time join in the call for The South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) to investigate this regime’s actions over the past two years, as well as the flagrant disregard of the constitutional rights of the free and independent people of South Africa at numerous stages throughout the so-called pandemic. Also, to investigate gross violations of human rights associated with the regime’s questionable vaccination programme.

There are numerous examples of African states who applied little focus to these gene therapy inoculation and have come out relatively unscathed with regards to loss of life and pandemic proportion sickness or outbreaks within their borders. South Africa with its advanced scientific society and major universities could not do anything but follow the failed World Health Organisations (WHO) process and program, which has proved to be a disaster everywhere it’s been rolled out, with significantly more projected to fall ill from the effects of these jabs than the lives claimed by the so-called pandemic itself.

Suffice to say AFRICA has survived this so-called pandemic and Africans will rise up to reclaim their due liberties and rebuild their societies and economies.

We call upon all believers in freedom and liberties and rule of law to stand up in unison and call out the South African government for its role in these atrocities. Video evidence is being compiled to support the allegations of threats and violations perpetrated under the directive of the government where people were forced without informed consent to be jabbed and worse, children who had no clue of what was going on were also given the jabs without parental engagements and full disclosure protocols of the vaccination process, and without adequate information to make a fair judgement to decide whether to say YES or NO to these trial-based inoculations.

We call on foreign support and strong condemnation of these actions under the Ramaphosa led regime. We will assess the case proposed to be investigated by the SAHRC and if need be, we further reserve our rights to proceed with further charges and seek further reparations for the country and the victims.

We cannot keep silent when there is rampant abuse like this. We need all South Africans to band together and raise our voices once more like we did before and let’s recall how we defeated Apartheid and need to do the same again under these similar and unlawful regulations.

And with that we declare;

We, the free and independent people of South Africa again re-affirm that today 05th April 2022:-

  • South Africa is indeed a sovereign nation.
  • South Africa is indeed alive with possibilities.
  • South Africa is indeed free of foreign influence.
  • South Africans do indeed enjoy freedoms and human rights.
  • South Africans indeed will defend this independent nation from any and all foreign influence.
  • South Africans are indeed a nation made up of diverse, free and independent natural people.

South Africa cannot ever again be held ransom by a tyrannical regime and we all may need to revisit the Constitution and update it to cover the threats we have had to endure over the SoD and others still in the process of being proposed and others enacted through regulations amendments to existing laws and statutes.

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