Now that “Pride Month” has ended, the prominence afforded to it raises a range of questions concerning moral acceptability.

Foremost in that regard is the obvious motive of presenting LGBT as ‘normal’ and ‘natural.’ Surprisingly and disappointingly, the traditional custodians of morality, the churches, have been conspicuously silent on the issue. Have chapters 18 and 19 in Genesis regarding Sodom and Gomorrah been edited out of their Bibles?

Nonetheless, no degree of media-promoted sanction and elevation of LGBT as a ‘normal’ and ‘natural’ condition can qualify it as morally acceptable. LGBT relationships are not God-ordained. They are God-condemned. Hence, the word ‘sodomy’ is derived from Genesis.

What those who condone LGBT as an openly legitimate and worthy component of society seem to have lost sight of, is where that indulgence is leading. How does ‘Transgender” fit into their morally lapsed world? And having accepted that, how does the abomination of ‘trans-human’ fit in?

By its in-your-face, unambiguous embrace of “Pride Month,” the DA is alienating voters. The DA can boast all it likes about its values and achievements. But promoting LGBT is not a morally acceptable value.

These comments are not meant to demonise LGBT people. The distinction that needs to be recognised is opposition to the sin, not the sinner.

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