Street Art Fashion shines spotlight on World Mental Health Day in October

During the last 18 months of one lockdown after another and the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, South Africans and people across the globe have faced social isolation, financial and economic crises, social unrest and other challenges, all contributing to a decline in mental health. Depression is on the increase and is becoming one of the most common challenges that nearly every person on the planet has come face to face with these past 18 months. Many people have been and continue to be affected on a psychological level by the devastation that Covid-19 has brought. The latest studies show that one-third of South Africans suffer from mental illness and 75% of them won’t receive any kind of therapy or support (Source: Sunday Times).

October 10th is World Mental Health Day, and it is more relevant now than ever before, which is why local rising star and fine artist Farai Engelbrecht AKA Samurai-Farai, who has personally faced and overcome struggles with mental health conditions, has partnered with Reynold Agge, founder of ASA Magazine and Loskop – an all-female owned clothing and apparel brand, and put the spotlight on this growing, devastating issue. The collaboration will launch limited edition printed hoodies for sale to the public via the ASA website, showcasing one-of-a-kind artwork by Samurai-Farai and proceeds will be donated to SADAG (South African Depression and Anxiety Group). The campaign’s secondary aim is to foster healthy and constructive dialogue. South Africans are urged to share their experiences about their own and loved one’s struggles with mental health in order to remind the nation that nobody is alone and through the spirit of Ubuntu we can be here to offer each other support.

ASA Digital is an up and coming luxury lifestyle online magazine that prides itself on celebrating and supporting forward-thinking fashion. Fashion introduces you before you introduce yourself. Fashion adds to our individual facades. Some use fashion as a means of individual creative expression, while others copy styles and trends to fit in. Fashion – consciously or unconsciously – becomes the first layer of judgement or acceptance. It can sometimes lead to an inauthentic expression to the world, one that is misaligned with the perception of one’s authentic self.

“Chosen as a universal symbol of comfort and reassurance, a collection of uniquely numbered, limited-edition hoodies will be produced and sold in this campaign. We aim to use fashion and art as means to generate conversations among various social groups. By offering wearable art, this collaboration sheds light on more mindful approaches to detecting, understanding and dealing with mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and suicide,” say Reynold Agge of ASA.

The campaign will officially go live during the month of October and supporters will be able to get involved in the conversation and purchase their hood online at Keep an eye out online and on social media by following and using the hashtag #FACEYOURFACADE.

Photographer Migal Van As

Social Links: Samurai Farai – Instagram | ASA – website | Facebook | InstagramImages: Photographer Migal Van As @migalvanas

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