State Records Show Australia’s first COVID Deaths Were FULLY VACCINATED

The Queensland government’s “vaccine” mandates for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) have led a group of Australian doctors to file a lawsuit against it. During the discovery phase of the lawsuit, it was discovered that the state’s first “COVID” deaths were all victims of full vaccination.

You read that right: the first victims of “COVID” in Queensland were those who had complied with all medical recommendations in order to “protect” themselves against contracting the Fauci Flu.

The first 183 deaths during the “pandemic,” which started there on March 13, 2020, and continued until January 27, 2022, were in people who should have been immune to COVID, provided the shots genuinely work as advertised. This is according to internal government documents.

Furthermore, the documents demonstrate that Queensland officials were aware, as early as January 2022, that COVID vaccinations did not offer protection against the alleged “virus.” Despite this, none of them ever brought it up in public while they shot the crowd.

“The list shows that the first locally acquired COVID-19 death was one in their 80s and another in their 30s, with both having received two doses of the vaccine in December 2021 and January 2022, respectively,” reports reveal.

Lawsuit demands; END the Queensland covid jab mandate for public health, aged-care facility workers

Seven “COVID”-related deaths were reported in Queensland early in the scamdemic; all of the victims had contracted the illness outside of the country prior to the start of the vaccination program.

Queensland’s border reopened in December 2021 after being blocked for over two years. By that point, 80% of the state’s population had received an injection, and by the end of 2021, about 90% of adults over the age of 16 had as well.

The goal of the current case, which revealed all these delicious information about Queensland corruption, is to have the state cancel its September 2021 order mandating that all personnel who work in the fields of public health and aged-care facilities receive a vaccination against the Chinese Virus.

“I graduated from medical school 40 years ago and in all that time have never had a single complaint about me presented to a medical board or AHPRA,” said psychiatrist Peter Parry, a case specialist who in his three-decade career has never once been subjected to disciplinary action – until now.

Because COVID-19 shots are “not normal vaccines,” Parry decided to refuse them. According to the conventional definition of a vaccination, they aren’t even vaccines.

“We hope, by bringing evidentiary material and expert witness testimonies before the Supreme Court, that the justices will look at the evidence and rule in our favor,” he added. “If successful, large numbers of experienced nurses, allied health, and doctors will be able to return to assist an overstretched Queensland public health system.”

In addition to these requirements, Queensland’s Premier Annastacia Palazczuk ordered that unvaccinated people be denied access to the exercise of certain rights in places like hospitals, assisted living facilities, libraries, and public gathering places.

In order to use these services and exercise these freedoms, proof of “vaccination” was necessary, which violated Aussies’ right to conduct their daily lives without first receiving an experimental chemical injection that could kill them.

“The COVID vaccines were an IQ test – how did you do?” one commenter asked, making an excellent point with few words.

Source: Natural News

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