Donald Trump brands Joe Biden an ‘enemy of the state’ in extraordinary rant after FBI raid (Image: Getty)

Donald Trump’s branding of Joe Biden as being “an enemy of the state” (The Mercury, September 5) follows Biden’s similar branding of Trump supporters in a speech last week. At issue here is what constitutes “the state.”

Traditionally, references to “the state” involve the constitution as it provides for the separate roles of the legislature, executive and judiciary. But as Farouk Araie pointed out in his exceptionally well-informed letter on August 24, irrespective of which party governed, for decades the US has been controlled by an inner power aligned to what President Eisenhower termed “the military-industrial complex,” otherwise known as Deep State.

As a result of the Deep State’s roots and influence, the federal government in Washington DC has long since ceased to represent the first three words of the US constitution: “We, the people.” Instead, Deep State has become an arm of the globalists as represented in the World Economic Forum (WEF), the UN, the World Health Organisation and the agendas promoting open borders, the banning of fossil fuels and the erosion of history, heritage and tradition. In short, Deep State does not represent the sovereign interests of the American people.

By accusing Biden of being “an enemy of the state,” Trump is referring to the sovereignty of the US and its constitution. He cites Biden’s violation of his oath of office by allowing US border to be invaded by illegal aliens, drug cartels and human traffickers; Biden’s collusion with Deep State interests in violating the first amendment; the emasculation of states’ rights (10th amendment) in terms of defunding the police, imposing Critical Race Theory (CRT) and transgender strategies.

Biden’s un-American, political weaponisation of the Justice Department and the FBI has resulted in those institutions becoming the arm of the Deep State which explains why they have branded parents who oppose CRT as “domestic terrorists” and raided their homes along with Trump’s private residence.

The polarization in the US today comprises, on the one hand, the Deep State globalists who control Big Tech, Big Pharma, Wall Street, the mass media, tertiary education, Biden, the Democratic Party and elements of the Republican Party, like Lindsey Graham, the Bushes and Cheneys. Opposing them is Trump’s MAGA movement of “We the people” intent on making America great again as a sovereign, energy-independent state that rejects the agenda of the WEF and upholds the US constitution, American values and traditions.

At stake, therefore, is which interpretation of “the state” will prove significant in the November mid-term elections and thereby constitute a watershed in America’s destiny and for much of the world.

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