Sheer Publishing Africa Hosts Movie Master Class Titled ‘Start With The End In Mind’

Sheer Publishing Africa hosts a movie scoring master class to educate producers and filmmakers on how to legally use music in their films.

At Sheer Publishing Africa, education is key. The company, forward-thinking in its approach, is always looking for new and exciting ways to equip the arts and entertainment industries with music publishing knowledge.

In an exciting new venture, Sheer has recently partnered with the National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF) and together hosted a master class on the art of movie scoring, titled Start with the End in Mind.

Ever wonder what gives you the chills in movies? You got it. Music is a key element in the creation of emotion in film. Cue the composer, who works closely with the director to ensure that the music correlates and enhances what is happening in the film.

Sheer aims is to educate the film industry on licensing, scoring and the value of working with composers on their projects to create sonically high-quality films and documentaries. In their collaboration, Sheer Publishing will play an advisory role to the NFVF, specifically as it involves music licensing, industry insights and statistics.

Managing Director of Sheer Publishing Africa, Thando Makhunga, says, “Sheer identified the need for knowledge sharing between the music and film industries. With this partnership with the NFVF, we aim to enable connections between directors, producers and composers to improve the quality of film scores, the understanding of music licensing and the value of music supervision to productions.”

Start with the End in Mind was the first of its kind, an interactive master class which highlighted the importance of music in film. It is aimed at providing basic knowledge of music rights for filmmakers and producers alike.

Sharing the ins and outs of music copyright, this discussion was presented by Sheer’s Senior Business Development Associate, Zweli Sisilana-Mavuka. This was followed by a panel discussion led by industry professionals, who provided greater experience and insight on the matter. These panel participants included Shiro Mwendwa – Sheer (Creative & Licensing), Paul Heker (Composer/ Musical Director/Songwriter/ Producer), Kgotso Masithela (Sheer Sync Co-ordinator), and Mark Engels (Director).

Moving forward, the organisations will partner on various outreach and information workshops for stakeholders and the public at large to equip, educate and influence future filmmakers and industry catalysts who are yet to enter the industry. One of the shared objectives of providing market access is the specific focus on previously disadvantaged and marginalized groups.

Furthermore, they will endeavour to promote the South African film industry locally and internationally and increase audience access to South African films.

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