Saxby Twins Explore A Hot New Sound With New Single ‘Icon’

Johannesburg, 22 January 2021: 2020 was a big year for local pop duo the Saxby Twins. The 20-year-old duo made their debut on the local music scene last year and have released four tracks over the past 12 months. Now, Wayde and Kyle Saxby are back with a brand-new sound as they push themselves creatively on new single ‘Icon’.

Inspired by the commercial hip-hop sound that is dominating charts around the world right now, the twins drew inspiration from musicians like blackbearPop Smoke, Jack Harlow, Juice WRLD and 24k Goldn for the new single, putting their own spin on the genre.

Lyrically, ‘Icon’ represents the life of a modern-day party person who enjoys living life to its fullest while always having a good time. The narrative tells the story of a sassy, mischievous, bad girl that everyone is drawn to at a club or party.

‘Icon’ sees a significant departure from the duo’s previous material. Incorporating more hip-hop elements into their sound, the Saxby Twins continue to push their creative boundaries and tap into new sounds and ideas while ensuring their core musical essence still shines bright. “‘Icon’ is meant to be played loud,” the twins explain. “The track is electric and vibrant and it’s the perfect feel-good summer anthem to kick off the new year. The song shows off a different side of what we have to offer in terms of our music.”

The duo adds that doing something different was imperative at this stage of their career—especially since there are many more layers to their musical DNA. “When creating this song we wanted to make it pop as much as possible and explore a new route in terms of our music,” the Saxby Twins explain adding that keeping fans on their toes is a strategy that continues pushing them creatively in the studio. “We strive to create music that meets the needs and requirements of everyone who listens to it. Since we are relatively new artists, it’s so important to us to display a unique blend between sonic elements that are upbeat, catchy and smooth and combining that with some emotional ballads—all while staying true to who we are as musicians and the music we want to create.”

The Saxby Twins worked with platinum-selling artist and producer Daniel Baron and Hendrik Joerges on the production of the track. “It’s always an awesome experience to get to work hand-in-hand with someone who has significant experience in the music industry,” the duo adds. “We learn so much by working with musicians like Daniel, someone who continuously brings out the best in people, and Hendrik, who isn’t afraid to get creative in the studio. We’re really proud of how ‘Icon’ came together.”

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