Easy to understand: just follow the money. SAHPRA enjoys finance from the Gates Foundation which is also heavily invested in Big Pharma.
Just as scientists and doctors have been compelled to follow the Gates/Big Pharma/Fauci/ CDC/ WHO narrative on Covid and the so-called vaccines, or risk losing their funding or having their jobs or positions terminated like Dr Peter McCullough [dismissed from Baylor and North Texas medical schools for “narrative dissent”], so SAHPRA is being financially obliged to adhere to the same pressure.
Gates, Big Pharma along with Big Tech and the mass media [Gates owns MSNBC, finances the BBC, the Financial Times, the Guardian, Die Welt, Le Monde] have hijacked science for nefarious political and Orwellian ideological purposes. It is well known that the results of scientific studies depend on where the funding comes from.

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