How to Action a Notice of Non-Consent and Cease and Desist

With great thanks and appreciation to Kath Viljoen for her endless help, support and hard work!

The government is rolling out the operation of COVID-19 vaccination stations at schools throughout South Africa. Sending a Cease and Desist Notice will hopefully help put a stop to this process.

A Step by Step Guide:

Please follow this guide to the letter as it’s essential to ensure that the documents have an effect.

  1. Take a deep breath! You are not alone. We will fight this together.
  2. Draw two lines through the official consent form you received from the school, and write on that document: “NO CONSENT” (use our template, also downloadable below this section). Please autograph this document with your namesurname and signature in blue ink.
  3. Reach out to other parents to co-autograph a Cease and Desist document (also downloadable below this section) using the procedure outlined below. Please support each other – there is strength in numbers.
  4. In layman’s terms: this document notifies the relevant parties – i.e. the schools and educational institutions – of the penalties and punishment that may be applied to them if they break the law. The document also provides information to these parties to help them make the right decisions and take the right actions. Finally, the document puts them on notice that if they do not cease and desist their unlawful actions within ten (10) working days of receipt of the document, they will be held liable and will suffer the consequences.
  5. Please print and complete two copies of the Cease and Desist document, ensuring that all autographs – i.e. names, surnames and signatures of parties autographing the document – are in blue ink.
  6. Please ensure all pages are initialled by all parents and/​or guardians autographing the document.
  7. If you are delivering these documents (consent form + Cease and Desist) in person or via email, please first get them witnessed by the Post Master or Chief Administrator at your nearest Post Office – these authorities may act as Commissioners of Oaths.
  8. If you are delivering these documents in person, hand one copy to the school and ensure that you or someone on your team keeps the original version in a safe place.
  9. If you are emailing these two documents (consent form + Cease and Desist), please copy three witnesses of your choice, such as the red list ( or Katherine Viljoen ( and a family member, or next of kin.
  10. Well done, and thank you for standing up for our children!

Some other things you can do:

  1. Keep your children out of school on vaccination days! This will keep them safe and will disturb the hive minds of the people who haven’t woken up to what is going on. When they see that children are not there, teachers and parents will hopefully wonder why this is the case.
  2. Report any schools where vaccination stations are taking place to the red list (via Telegram @theredlist or email to so we can notify parents so they can do as above.
  3. Share this information far and wide, and download this dot to use as your profile picture or share to your status to direct other parents to the guidance on our site.
  4. Check this page regularly as we will be providing additional information.
No-Consent — 2022-Annexure‑A — Consent-form-COVID-19-Vaccination-ENG_1.pdf132.65 KB ~ download

Report Adverse Events to SAVAERS

Please report all negative jab effects in South Africa to the independent THJ platform, SAVAERS: savaers​.co​.za/​r​e​p​o​r​t​i​n​g​-​s​ystem

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Source: The Red List

(for South Africa, but adaptable to other countries)

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