Pfizer Shot Deaths In Young People: NZ Doctors Raise Red Flag

A report of four teenagers’ deaths in New Zealand after receiving the Comirnaty Covid-19 injection has led to calls for an urgent inquiry.

New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science (NZDSOS) said in a statement on its website this week that “this information demands scrutiny”.

While further information is awaited, all four deaths raise urgent questions about the safety of the Comirnaty product,” said the group.

The group continued to question if any autopsies were done on two children who died in Australia after they were given the Comirnaty Covid-19 product during a mass vaccination at Sydney’s Olympic Stadium.

NZDSOS released a statement calling for a full investigation. You can read the full statement on their website HERE.

New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science are an independent collection of NZ registered real-world medical experts, who have been questioning politicians and biased “experts” who say one thing and do another.

“COVID-19 vaccine is voluntary and vaccines may not be forcibly administered.”

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