Oscar Nominated  Roodt’s New Film Commences Production

Cape Town, 28 February 2023: Oscar® nominated Darrell Roodt is back in the director’s chair as his latest production has just commenced principal photography. Produced by Rani Sitaram, the feature Greytown Girl is a biopic romantic drama, penned by Sitaram herself and Rose Cortes, and will be shot on location in Greytown, Toongat and Durban in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa.

The key production boasts a multi-ethnic group of characters and is based in the vibrant South African-Indian context, creating a rich tone. Shaleeni Ranchod, Rahul Rai, Sanam Sitaram, and Emmanuel Castis have been cast in leading roles with the additional cast to be announced at a later stage.

The film tells the true story of a small-town South African girl, Meena, who was abandoned as a baby with physical limitations and goes on to build her life with tremendous bravery. Through the romance of letter writing, she falls in love with her pen pal and a cross-continental love story begins. Greytown Girl is initially set in 1960s Apartheid South Africa and builds up to the liberation of the nation as well as Meena’s self-realisation and self-love. The intimate story is punctuated by South Africa’s climax as a democracy which underpins the narrative with a distinct layer.

“I am thrilled that we have commenced production on Greytown Girl, after a thorough and well-considered pre-production journey,” said director Darrell Roodt. “Our aim is to ensure that while we bring Meena’s story to the screen, that the audience is taken on a journey with nuance, texture and authenticity,” he added.

“I am confident that the cast and crew of Greytown Girl, are well positioned to bring this incredible story to life in a way that will enthrall audiences” said Rani Sitaram, producer of Greytown Girl. “The script weaves the themes of resilience, fear, courage, sisterhood, sacrifice, self-identity and empowerment and discrimination together in an elegant and poignant way,” she added.

Gravel Road Distribution Group will manage international sales and distribution of Greytown Girl across Africa.  Theatrical and VOD releases of the title are targeted for 2024.

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