If Thyagaraj Markandan applied the open-mindedness he champions, his remarks endorsing the narrative on carbon emissions and climate change (The Mercury, August 2) would be very different.

In claiming “mounting evidence” in support of the narrative, it is a pity he does not question the sources making those claims or weigh them against the false predictions of global doom that have been made since 1970.

When one considers the statement made by the UN Global Communications Under-Secretary, Melissa Fleming, that the UN “owns the science,” and squares that with globalist ownership of the mass media, it becomes obvious that the narrative on climate change reflects an agenda that is manufactured for reasons that are not scientific.

Mr Markandan demonstrates the effectiveness of that propaganda very well by his endorsement of the globalists’ depopulation agenda because, regrettably, he believes their lie about overpopulation and CO2 emissions endangering the planet.

In 1998, 31,000 brave, independent scientists urged the US government to reject the Kyoto Protocol which claimed carbon emissions were placing life at risk. They did so because carbon dioxide is actually crucial to plant growth and the well-being of the planet. Scientific experimentation at Rhodes University in 2018 demonstrated how plant life flourished when exposed to higher concentrations of CO2.

Genocide is implicit in the globalists’ depopulation agenda.  By stating “the fewer people on Earth, the better the chances of the Earth’s survival,” does Mr Mankandan have in mind which people should be eliminated? Does he have any thoughts about being indirectly complicit in such an atrocious plot? Open-mindedness is the best antidote to the globalist conspiracy.

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