October Sun Productions Presents, Outside The Lines featuring Parable Fifteen.

Parable Fifteen is expected to appear in their first documentary series titled, Outside The Lines.

The docuseries is a locally produced online series that takes a look behind the scenes of a South African band during the recording of an album and takes a sneak peek into their lives.

Never-before-seen footage shows everything that goes into recording, writing, and producing a seemingly impossible album, in a time when physical music is scarce and social media rules the world on music.

Outside The Lines is sponsored by Bothner’s Music South Africa, Cascades Lifestyle Centre, Athlone Circle and Rockstar Energy Drink.

12-year-old Parable Fifteen struggled for years to gain recognition, yet in the last 2-years, they have received enormous success.

In the middle of a world pandemic, they released a lyric video for a song they had recorded on YouTube, In less than two months, received more than 60,000 YouTube views, and over 20,000 Facebook views, and earned a fan base that seemed impossible. Upon releasing their third full-length album Bioluminescence, the band charted five songs in the top 10 of the SA top 40 charts and three songs in the top 50 of 2021. They were the only band in SA to have multiple songs on the top 50 charts in 2021.

Despite a divided country, a world pandemic and a very niche market, this humble Durban band proved dreams can still come true.

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