NPR Now Claims That The Drive For People To Eat Bugs Is Just A “Right Wing Conspiracy” After Pushing For It Earlier

According to NPR’s Huo Jingnan, Gene Demby, Jess Kung, and Dalia Mortada, all the chatter from World Economic Forum (WEF) chairman Klaus Schwab and his government and media henchmen about how everyone needs to eat bugs instead of meat to combat climate change is merely a huge “right-wing conspiracy.”

According to NPR, Klaus was presumably joking when he made these public statements, and they expect us all to think that the idea of eating bugs is just a “meme on 4chan” that “emerged in conservative talk shows and political speech.”

It’s not because globalists themselves advocate it that bug eating is even a thing. NPR claims that it is only a “sprawling conspiracy theory” advanced by irate right-wingers who have a grudge against those who support the premise of man-made climate change.

(Connected: Recall how Klaus Schwab lauded the Chinese Communist Party [CCP] for applying strict “covid control measures” on their populace?)

NPR: Claiming the “global elites” are pushing people to eat bugs an “antisemitic trope”

Not only that, but NPR claims that anyone speaking out against the globalist plan to make us all eat bugs is “anti-Semitic,” with the implication that Jews are pushing for the outlawing of meat and its replacement with insects.

“Proponents of the theory lean on the antisemitic trope that ‘global elites’ have a plot to control the masses — in this case under the guise of climate change solutions — by forcing them to eat bugs,” Huo and the other authors said in their article for NPR.

According to NPR, who presumably thinks that this is the religion of the globalists behind the conspiracy to force everyone into a bug-eating diet, every mention of “global elites” is clearly referring to Jews.

Funny thing is, ever since the “global elite” originally proposed the concept of eating bugs, NPR has been one of the loudest proponents of the practice. Numerous stories claim that consuming meat is harming the environment and that the only solution is to substitute crickets and cockroaches for meat in the NPR archives.

Regarding NPR’s peculiar obsession with the topic, Hot Air claimed that the station was “obsessed with the bug-eating conspiracy.”

“Earlier this year they did another story about this very subject, in which they simultaneously argued that nobody wants you to eat bugs, but also that you really should want to eat bugs and it is racism and colonialism to reject the idea.”

Stephen L. Miller shared some screenshots on social media of NPR duplicitous and contradictory reporting on the bug eating issue. Have a look for yourself to see the hypocrisy:

It is crucial to underline that NPR is supported by public funds provided by American taxpayers. Regardless of a person’s political views, it is expected to be an impartial news source that reports independently and in the best interests of all Americans.

One commenter suggested the most straightforward fix for the issue: “Defund NPR!”

“Do you know what else is labeled a ‘right wing conspiracy?’ The population replacement of White Americans, while millions upon millions of illegal aliens have and are entering the United States of America,” wrote another about another very real thing that is happening while the media denies it.

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