Nobel Medical Award Dignifies A Bio-weapon

Responsible for the murders of millions. MRNA Death jab

The award of the Nobel Prize for Medicine to two scientists for their role in developing the key component of the widely used Covid so-called vaccine exemplifies the extent to which the narrative of deceit and disregard for human health has reached a new low (The Mercury, October 3).

In the wake of the ever-increasing evidence of deaths, miscarriages and ruinous health effects suffered by those who received the mRNA jab, it is utterly iniquitous to credit the two Nobel laureates for “vaccine development during one of the greatest threats to human health in modern times” when there was no pandemic because 99% of the Covid-infected survived.

If the two recipients of the award, Drs Katalin Kariko and Drew Weissman, had any regard for the Hippocratic Oath which concerns the preservation of human life, they would reject the decision of the Nobel Assembly of Sweden. Here’s why:

  • Research of 17 highly vaxxed countries by Drs Hickey and Rancourt of Ottawa University found an unprecedented rise in all–cause mortality (The Defender, September 20).
  • Dr Paul Offit, a prominent FDA consultant and adviser to the White House, has refused to take the new mRNA booster because he is concerned about the spike in proteins and myocarditis that boosters are causing.
  • An analysis published on Musk’s X on September 18 showed that excess cardio-vascular rates increased by 30% in 2021 and by 44% in 2022 in the UK.
  • A new study published by the Epoch Times on September 9 shows that mRNA leads to immunity impairment which means a general decrease in the body’s ability to combat bacteria. As a result, a new acronym has been coined: VAIDS – vaccine-acquired immunity deficiency syndrome.
  • The CDC has admitted that in 2021 and 2022, 120,000 children died from the side effects of the mRNA vax.

Worldwide, there is irrefutable evidence of the total ineffectiveness of the mRNA vax in preventing Covid and being the “cure”. On the contrary, it is increasing mortality rates, causing sudden deaths particularly amongst the healthy and having drastic side effects on the lives of millions.

As such,  Big Pharma, the FDA, the CDC, the WHO, the mass media, the bought politicians, doctors and scientists who promoted and subjected millions to the mRNA vax are guilty of perpetrating the greatest medical fraud in history. Thus, the reality of the Nobel Prize award for the mRNA vax amounts to dignifying a bio-weapon.

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