It is difficult to contain one’s sense of dismay at the narrative advocating continued vaxxing against Covid-19 (Mercury editorial, March 7), when, in the light of the avalanche of data exposing the dire effects of the jab, the medical fraud of that narrative is so blatant.

There is no science in continuing the jab given the overwhelming evidence from all the heavily vaxxed countries that it does not produce immunity and not only results in Covid re-infection but in major health deterioration and deaths. As a result vax mandates and passports have been scrapped in the UK and a string of European and American states.

The negative health effects of the jab are attested to by several sources. A UK Government report of February 22 noted that four out of five deaths were of those who had been triple vaxxed. The following US insurance companies noted a spike in death claims in the second half of 2021: Midwest 40%; Prudential 41%; Lincoln National 57%.

Dr Jessica Rose, a biochemist at the Israel Institute of Technology has analysed VAERS data from 1991 to 2021– vaccine adverse effects reporting system. Up until December 2020, she found the annual average of adverse effects was 39,000 with 140 deaths. But from January 2021 to February 2022 the number of vaccine adverse reports jumped to 1,1 million with 23,000 deaths.

There is incontrovertible evidence that the jab weakens immunity capacity. This has been noted by the European Medicines Agency which has advised against booster shots. CDC data released on February 26 noted a 1,000% increase in omicron infections amongst the fully vaxxed and boosted, thereby proving that vaxxing weakens the immune system.

Scientists at Lund University, Malmo, Sweden, have confirmed what Doctors like Robert Malone, Peter McCullough, Sherri Tenpenny and many others have been warning, that the mRNA tech in the jabs penetrates the liver and converts into DNA in human cells. That process, they warn, has implications for chromosomal changes.

If none of the above is persuasive, then the ruling by US Federal Court judge Mark Pittman in January giving the FDA until August to disclose the data content of the Pfizer jab should ring alarm bells. Previously Pfizer had requested to delay that data until 2096 which begs the question: why?  And the answer is obvious: on page 30 of the first pages of the data, Pfizer concedes 1,291 possible side effects involving major organs such as heart, lungs and kidneys.

The unreported deaths of dozens of vaxxed professional and amateur athletes, the most prominent being the double vaxxed Shane Warne aged 52, as yet unreported even on the sport pages, should prompt concern. Heart failure was noted in most of their cases, confirming what the Journal of American Heart Association has noted about mRNA tech.  Then there is the unprecedented spike in illness amongst the US military, 70% of which has been vaxxed.

This cursory evaluation of the jab should provoke inquiry as to why and who is promoting this medical fraud.  How is it that within days of Bill Gates presciently noting the onset of the next viral wave, Adrian Gore of Discovery and Professor Abdool Karim of WHO were predicting the arrival of South Africa’s fifth viral wave at the end of April? Is it not significant that Gates is a major financier of the WHO and of Big Pharma which funds the CDC? Is it not significant that Gore’s Discovery is a major supporter of Big Pharma?

 If none of that is a conspiracy to stimulate the lucrative jab market, then the tooth fairy for real. Nobody can predict the weather two months ahead. Yet narrative adherents take their cue from viral “expert” Gates. Despite strident protests, a corollary of this craven complicity with medical tyranny is the nascent state fascism exhibited in Austria, France, Germany, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

Not surprisingly, Health minister Joe Phaala, wants more vaxxing.  Yet there is zero need for it because risk-free HCQ, ivermectin and natural immunity thwart Covid.

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