Climate Change narrative

It has been said that in a world of propaganda, truth is always a conspiracy. In light of unfolding developments, the extent to which the doctrine known as “the narrative” has been exposed as propaganda should inspire fear and alarm.

In recent years, challenges to prescribed narratives have been censored or denigrated or simply dismissed as “conspiracies.” Acceptance of that dogma has been premised on repetition by institutions and the mainstream media that are trusted and historically relied upon to purvey standard news and views on issues.

The arrogance of the narrative doctrine was epitomised by Jacinda Ardern. In her capacity as Prime Minister of New Zealand she declared on March 19, 2020 that “Government is the single source of truth.”

Yet if coerced narratives of the recent past are subjected to revision and review, their integrity leaves much to be desired.

Covid was declared a pandemic, yet 99% of those infected survived. Reputable scientists at Harvard, Oxford and Stanford rejected lockdowns and masks as unscientific and counter-productive, a reality now accepted as having caused much unnecessary socio-economic distress.

Covid vaccines were coerced as promoting immunity and preventing infection. That has been exposed as totally false. Instead the vaccines are causing unprecedented illness, infertility and early deaths, a reality about which the mainstream is curiously quiet.

The Durham Report, which totally debunked the allegation that Trump conspired with Russia to steal the 2016 election, revealed that it was Hillary Clinton who financed the fabricated Steele dossier on which that narrative was based and hostilely disseminated by the mainstream media.

The narrative of the contents of the Hunter Biden laptop was that it was “Russian disinformation.” Now the truth is out of the extent to which the Biden family is a criminal syndicate.

Support for Zelensky in Ukraine was fervently trumpeted as support for democracy. But that narrative has been quietly dropped because Zelensky has banned all opposition and cancelled next year’s elections.

For over two years the narrative on January 6, 2021 in Washington DC was termed a Trump-inspired insurrection. But video footage released by Tucker Carlson and his July interview with then Police Chief Steven Sund has destroyed that narrative. The truth is that vandalism and violence was intentionally instigated by and in the presence of Federal agents aided by Antifa elements.

The sad consequence of propaganda, as Mark Twain observed, is that it is easier to deceive people than to convince them that they have been deceived.

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