Music meets coffee: A soulful reflection of the Mother City’s music scene

Cape Town’s music scene, like the city itself, is vibrant and diverse. As a melting pot of culture, from its food to its art, music and even coffee culture, it comes as no surprise that when creating the Nespresso World Explorations range, the brand looked to The Mother City for inspiration.

A city of jazz

“Just like the city it’s named after, Nespresso’s Cape Town Envivo Lungo is bold, dynamic, expressive and full of character. Our Cape Town Envivo Lungo truly encapsulates the soul of the city’s coffee scene, taking coffee lovers on a sensory journey without ever leaving the comfort of their homes. We wanted each cup of Nespresso World Explorations to capture the spirit of a city bursting with vibrancy and culture through exceptional coffee moments, and we found that in Cape Town,” says Yassir Corpataux, Coffee Ambassador Nespresso MEA.

There are many things that make Cape Town and Capetonians unique, from the dynamic art scene to its rich history and cultural diversity, incredible and unique food, its local, thriving coffee culture and, of course, its lively nightlife and music culture with its strong jazz influence.

“There are different music genres and styles emanating from every corner of the city, from traditional music to hip hop, folk, dance, reggae and jazz. Jazz, in particular, is a significant part of Cape Town’s culture, stemming from the city’s rich cultural diversity and heritage. I fell in love with Jazz in the early stages of my career so it is such a nostalgic genre for me,” says actress and TV presenter, Bonnie Mbuli, who has partnered with Nespresso for the World Explorations launch.


A culture of jazz

Jazz has become a cultural genre that crosses boundaries and brings people together. The same can be said about The Mother City. Home to the renowned Cape Town International Jazz Festival, the city has a vibrant, illustrious and tumultuous music history. In Cape townships and rural communities, jazz music was a thriving genre bringing people together, often defined by the colourful, exciting and lively sounds made famous by local jazz legends like Robbie Jansen, Mankunku Ngozi, Ezra Ngcukana and Abdullah Ibrahim.

“The history of jazz music in the city is as much a part of Cape Town as Table Mountain. It symbolises its people’s perseverance through adversity. Today it is a widely celebrated form of social commentary and musical expression with a strong local following that is recognised around the world. Through Cape jazz, we can celebrate the authentic, lively and captivating sounds of a city we have all come to love so much. With our World Explorations range, we can introduce customers all over the globe to Cape Town through the bold and dynamic flavour of coffee.”

“With our coffee experts, we have looked more closely into our Lungo portfolio to reveal the resemblances with local coffee tastes from around the world, bringing unique coffee cultures to the home of our consumers and inviting them to discover the world through coffee,” Yassir Corpataux concludes.

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