Climate Change narrative

In order to advance what Schwab, Soros, Gates and their adherents in the World Economic Forum call the “Great Re-set,” otherwise known as the New World Order, health, welfare and sovereignty are being eroded by means of shock tactics. The declaration that monkeypox constitutes “a public health emergency of international concern” (The Mercury, July 26) is their latest pre-planned manoeuvre.

In March Gates, Big Pharma executives and the World Health Organisation conducted a monkeypox pandemic simulation exercise. Right on cue, Biden announced at Davos that the US would provide $120 million for a monkeypox vaccine. The reason these conspirators are able to plan a pandemic is because they know in advance what likely adverse reactions the Covid vaccines would cause.

In January Pfizer was compelled by a US court to release all documentation pertaining to the contents of its Covid vaccine. More than 1,000 possible effects are alphabetically listed. Under “A” appears “auto-immune blistering” – monkeypox. The fact that this is hardly a contagion is irrelevant. It is simply a new means of fomenting fear, inhibiting liberty and imposing controls over populations.

Equally fascinating but not coincidental is the alacrity with which a “vaccine” has been found to counter monkeypox. Yet for over 100 years, no such cure has been found for cancer. After 40 years, no such cure for HIV-Aids has been found. And a cure for the common cold still eludes research.

Monkeypox is the handy, disingenuous sequel to Covid for the imposition of a new jab on the masses with all its unknown, untested, possible adverse reactions. Monkeypox is also a new opportunity for Big Pharma to make fresh billions which is why it is being termed moneypox.

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