Mandatory Masks, Lockdowns, Covid IDs and Vaccines Now Illegal In Bosnia

Ivan Vilibor Sinčić, a non-attached (no political affiliation) Member of EU Parliament and activist from Croatia, says:

“I want to share… a positive story from Bosnia and Herzegovina… (BiH) [often known informally as Bosnia].

The Constitutional Court of BiH declared the obligation to wear masks and restriction of free movement unconstitutional. We also have new rulings. …

On February 23rd 2022 … BiH issued a decision… declaring the COVID certificate unconstitutional and declaring mandatory vaccination unconstitutional. …

The Court even criticised the Parliament [for] violations of the rule of law and democracy in the country. … those who disobey this decision should be prosecuted under criminal law and sentenced for 6 months to 5 years.

This is a victory against segregation and discrimination and … example of the protection of human and constitutional rights the whole of Europe can learn from.”

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