Malema Accuses Elon Musk For Talking ‘sh*t’

Elon Musk has criticised a viral video of Julius Malema singing ‘Kill the Boer’.

Elon Musk, a billionaire from South Africa, and Julius Malema, the head of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), engage in online fued.

Everything started when Malema shouted “Kill the Boer” at the EFF’s 10th-anniversary celebrations this past weekend. A video of the chant was shared on Twitter by a conservative podcaster in the United States, who was obviously not amused by it.

“Shocking video depicts the black party of South Africa singing the phrase ‘murder the farmer, kill the Boer (Whites).'” He stated in a tweet that was sent along with the video, “This is all downstream from the rotting secular religion of wokeness and CRT destroying America today.”


Elon Musk was drawn to the video, who charged Julius Malema with encouraging the murder of white people in South Africa. President Cyril Ramaphosa was then tagged by Musk, who questioned his lack of action.

“They are openly pushing for genoicide of white people in South Africa. @CyrilRamaphosa, why do you say nothing?,” he tweeted.

In response, Malema tweeted, “O bolela masepa” (You’re talking sh*t)


Following Malema’s criticism of Musk, there has been a rush of responses, some of which have praised the fiery leader.

“Insultin someone at their own house,” read a tweet. You are our president, Wena o President ya rena.

Some believe that if a fight were to break out against Twitter’s owner, Malema might be forced to leave the social media platform.

One person said, “Are you trying to get suspended from Twitter?”


The Democratic Alliance (DA), as anticipated, is outraged by the chant and plans to bring charges against Malema before the UN Human Rights Council.

The slogan “Kill the Boer” has already been declared not to be hate speech by the Equality Court.

In response to the Economic Freedom Fighters’ successful 10th-anniversary march, EFF spokesperson Sinawo Tambo said: “We are very well aware that they are pained and bitter about the EFF’s successful 10th anniversary rally and they are looking for anything to try and to subvert the progress and growth of the Economic Freedom Fighters. We know that the argument we made in the Equality Court where we won. Justified that it is a revolutionary song, a liberation song that is justified in terms of commemorating the history of South Africa’s struggle against colonialism and apartheid, so whatever he is saying we do not care.”

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