Government Plans Permanent State Of Disaster In Appalling Power Overreach!

On 21 March the nation observed “Human Rights Day.” Sadly, however, the government that established a public holiday to emphasize the value of protecting human rights – is doing everything in its power to undermine these rights by abusing its authority for political gain.

Following reports of the blatant manipulation of the “Electoral Amendment” democratic process, the ANC regime is attempting to make permanent the extraordinary powers granted to the government by the “Disaster Management Act” by amending the “National Health Act.”

The government appears to be repeating the tactics used in the “Electoral Amendment” public participation process by quietly publishing the “Regulations Relating to the Surveillance and Control of Notifiable Medical Conditions: Amendment” in the Government Gazette.

The proposed Amendment to the National Health Act” is an appalling overreach of power. Essentially, what the government is attempting is granting itself permanent emergency powers that are only permissible during a state of disaster – even when no state of disaster exists.

What is more troubling however is the “Amendment to the National Health Act” will not be scrutinised in Parliament because it amends existing legislation on our statute books.

I was shocked to discover the extensive powers the Amendment grants government, presumably when it decides a national health crisis exists. From lockdowns to forced medical examinations, prophylaxis treatments, forced isolations/quarantines, and public control.

Alarmingly, the “Amendment to the National Health Act” provides the government far-reaching powers to curtail and control every aspect of private life – however, it sees fit.

One way of defeating the proposed Amendment is by demonstrating overwhelming public opposition to it. If the government ignores the public, it can be challenged in the Constitutional Court. Government must not be granted such powers under any circumstances.

The public is invited to make written submissions on the proposed regulations within 30 days of the publication of the Notice in the Government Gazette which was 15 March 2022.

Your submission does not have to be extensive. A few paragraphs outlining your opposition to the Amendment, particularly the far-reaching powers granted to the government will suffice.

Please email your comments to the Director-General of the Department of Health, Ms Tsakani Furumele at by no later than 14 April 2022.

The primary argument against the “Amendment to National Health Act” is that it grants the government permanent and far-reaching – state of disaster – powers to suspend and severely limit the constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens whenever and however it sees fit.

  1. The Amendment grants the government the legal authority to force you into a state-run quarantine/isolation facility against your will – with total control of release.
  2. Government can instruct police to collect you at your home and transport you or a family member to an isolation facility. The requirements for self-isolation are onerous.
  3. The government is granted legal authority to enforce any medication it deems necessary – which you cannot refuse. No one is held liable for possible side effects.
  4. The government is provided legal authority for the daily surveillance and monitoring of private citizens including accessing private information through overriding privacy laws.
  5. The government is granted legal authority to enforce mandatory vaccinations.

The Amendment goes way beyond the “Disaster Management Act” which is activated and enforced during a genuine national health crisis and not a permanent control mechanism.

The Amendment is patently unnecessary because government retains the right and authority to activate the “Disaster Management Act” whenever a national health crisis exists.

Most importantly, granting government such far-reaching powers – permanently – is national suicide. Somebody said, “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely!”

Please send your comments to the Dept of Health before 14 April 2022 and respectfully oppose the “Amendment to the National Health Act” to protect our rights and freedoms.

Written by: Errol Naidoo
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