Expelled! Hundreds Walk Out Of LGTQIA+ Indoctrination

Potchefstroom Northwest University

Last week, Shaun Christie, a Christian law student, was suspended from the University of Northwest for disrupting an LGBTQIA+ indoctrination presentation for first-year students. He argued that they were not given the same opportunity to speak about Jesus, prompting several hundred first-year students to agree with him and walk out of the indoctrination session.

Several students spoke to the media, saying they agreed with him and that LGBTQIA+ was being pushed as an ideology.

The University claims his actions harmed the LGBTQIA+ group’s free speech, while opposing students argue it was an imposed ideological presentation unrelated to their academic focus, which they didn’t wish to hear, and they were denied a chance to present about Jesus.

Originally named Potchefstroom Christian University, Northwest University was established to advance the Christian faith. It stands as the sole university where theological teachings align with biblical orthodoxy and, until recently, housed a centre dedicated to the study of the biblical worldview. Northwest University continues to be a pivotal campus for Christianity in South Africa.

While Christian View Network is investigating the issue. Please pray for this Christian student and an end to LGBTQIA+ indoctrination at our universities.

The African Christian Democratic Party is outraged by the North-West University’s (NWU) provisional suspension of a student, Mr Shaun Christie.

Mr Christie, a final-year law student, boldly stood up for first-year students who were being forced to sit through an orientation session in which LGBTQI+ ideology was being pushed.

The ACDP believes that no single person’s right can outweigh that of another and that one’s freedom of conscience, as well as their opinion, should not be suppressed but protected. Our carefully crafted Constitution provides that everyone has the right to freedom of conscience, religion, thought, belief, and opinion.

Last year, in Cape Town, during Israel/Palestine protests that related to the ongoing war in the Middle East, Palestinian supporters were allowed to protest freely, but in turn they did not allow for supporters of Israel to do the same. Palestinian supporters gathered at the Sea Point Promenade, forcefully disrupting a peaceful prayer gathering organized by Israeli supporters. Our government sat by and watched as one group’s rights were allowed to be expressed and the other group’s rights were infringed upon and suppressed.

The ACDP cannot, by its nature, allow for the same to happen in the case of Mr Christie.

We want to affirm our support for Mr Christie, who chose to boldly exercise his right to freedom of belief, religion, and association, and stand with students who felt the same as him – the majority of whom walked out of the orientation session after he spoke up for them.

The following Video has been doing the rounds on social media.

Please email Vice Chancellor Prof Bismark Tyobeka c/o his PA Feroza.Brishmaer@nwu.ac.za to ask for the reinstatement of Shaun Christie.

You can sign the ACDP petition here: ACDP Calls For The Immediate Reinstatement Of Shaun Christie At The North-West University.

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