Eric Clapton Releases Video About His Disastrous Vaccine Experience

British singer-songwriter veteran Eric Clapton has taken to music to share his thoughts about the COVID-19 vaccine. After experiencing side effects after receiving his first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine, Clapton questioned the safety of the vaccine and labelled the media as propaganda.

According to Rolling Stone, Clapton details how he got a severe reaction to the vaccine just after getting the first dose of AstraZeneca in February this year. He detailed his experience of the vaccine in a letter, stating the reaction lasted for 10 days. (The authenticity of the letter was verified by Rolling Stone).

Six weeks later, he took his second dose and said he was slightly more aware of the dangers.

“Needless to say, the reactions were disastrous. My hands and feet were either frozen, numb, or burning and pretty much useless for two weeks.”


Clapton mentions he was fearful he could never play again on stage. He previously suffered peripheral neuropathy.

He continued to say: “But the propaganda said the vaccine was safe for everyone…”

A spokesperson for the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) refused to comment on Clapton’s remarks and but gave reassurance that the vaccine was safe. (This says a lot about their accountability).


Clapton released his song ‘This Has Gotta Stop’ on 27 August, where he detailed his thoughts about the vaccine.

In the song, Clapton sings: “This has gotta stop! Enough is enough, I can’t take this BS any longer.” 

The music video of the song shows masses of people being “hypnotised” by an authoritative figure and people picketing as a form of protest. Since its release, ‘This Has Gotta Stop’ has been viewed over 1.4 million times.

Original source: MSN

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