Climate Change narrative

While my June 15 Mercury lunch partner, Thyagaraj Markandan, makes an excellent case dissecting the fall of Boris Johnson (July 13), the only point of dispute is his claim that Johnson “joins the ranks of men like disgraced US President Donald Trump.”

That view of Trump’s presidency is a tribute to four years of relentless, dogmatic negativity waged by the bullhorns of the mass media on the basis of their globalist and green energy agenda.

Nonetheless, history will vindicate Trump’s presidency as one of the most successful because his achievements are not only irrefutable but have gained stature in the wake of the disastrous policies imposed by the Biden regime.

From his first day in office, the leadership of the defeated Clinton Democratic Party vowed to impeach Trump. For nearly two years he was subjected to an investigation that alleged collusion with Russia to win the 2016 election. Besides the Mueller Inquiry failing to produce any culpable evidence, in the recent trial of Clinton lawyer, Michael Sussman, Special Prosecutor John Durham established that the claim of collusion with Russia was a conspiracy seditiously promoted and financed by the Clinton campaign, abetted by FBI directors Comey and McCabe.

The current attempt by Democrats to charge Trump with fomenting insurrection on January 6, 2021, like their two spurious impeachment exercises, is not only doomed to fail but to boomerang on them for two reasons. Responsibility for the safety of the Capitol is that of the mayor of DC and the Speaker of the House, Pelosi. Both of them refused Trump’s offer of 10,000 National Guards. The other reason is that early in December 2020, Trump initiated Transition procedures for the incoming Biden Administration. Although Trump never conceded the election, the Transition process was smoothly executed. That further debunks the claim that he was instrumental in promoting “insurrection.”

Trump’s detractors ignore the fact that he kept all his campaign promises. The military was re-built, Space Force initiated, a rapprochement struck with North Korea which neutered its leader’s nuclear threat, and a novel peace treaty brokered between the UAR and Israel hailed by Kissinger as “brilliant,” stabilisation of the illegal alien penetration on the US southern border,  US energy independence re-established after 70 years, the economy freed from thousands of pages of stifling Obama regulations, unemployment reduced to its lowest level since 1969, the numbers of people on food stamps reduced by 8 million, the biggest tax cut in US history enacted –  all of which saw the GDP increase to almost  5% compared to 1,5% under Obama.

In 18 months, the Biden regime has reversed all those achievements.

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