Climate Change narrative

There is no dispute as to the influence the mass media wields in shaping opinions and population control. Nowhere was that more emphatic than during the campaign to promote masks and so-called vaccines over the past three years.

This is apparent from the number of people who persist in wearing masks despite the widely established scientific proof that masks do not impede viral penetration. Yet the mass media has never reported that fact.

The electronic and mass media exceeded saturation levels in promoting the jab, even urging that it be made mandatory. They maintained that narrative despite the proven reality that the so-called vaccines do not promote Covid immunity nor do they prevent viral transmission. Worse still, they denigrated the efficacy of a proven, inexpensive, effective viral treatment called ivermectin.

What the mass media studiously ignored was the fact that 99% of those who experienced Covid recovered from it. In other words, Covid was never a pandemic. A real pandemic, such as the Black Death of the fourteenth century, kills tens of millions. Nevertheless, the mass media persisted in propagating the pandemic narrative.

Significantly, ever since the pandemic delusion fizzled out seven months ago and the mass media quietly removed the slogans from their mastheads exhorting people to wear masks and to have the jab, the news cycle on the whole topic has disappeared.

Given the increasing reach of alternative media sources which are not beholden to the mass media narratives, the credibility of the mass media is in jeopardy. To remedy this reality, the mass media should apologise for withholding key information on the so-called pandemic.  Furthermore, it should be reporting the monthly VAERS –vaccine adverse events reporting system statistics. Compiled by the CDC, those stats monitor the mounting illnesses and fatalities caused by the so-called vaccines.

{ Of course, the mass media will no doubt ignore this appeal since they are in lockstep with Big Pharma and are owned by

high finance and Big Tech. But by copying this onto social media, one gives the information war momentum}

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