At the risk of further upsetting the pro-vax lobby which illiberally opposes any further anti-vax submissions, the statements by Dr Ivo Reuning (The Mercury, February 16) cannot pass unchallenged.

To dismiss the Epoch Times and World Net Daily as “extremist” without engaging with the information they carry is a cop-out. But then that is the debating style of narrative adherents. The other ploy is to dismiss a quote as being “out of context.” Trying to dismiss my RF Kennedy quote as such, shows that Dr Reuning is quite ignorant of the contents of RFK’s book.

Without any source references, he claims millions have died from Covid and that the majority were unvaccinated. His claim is totally at odds with the recovery rate of 99% in the developed world and 96% in South Africa.  On Fox News early in January, Dr Rochelle Walensky, director of the CDC, stated that 836,000 deaths in the US were linked to Covid but has refused to say whether they died of Covid or with Covid.

Reuning’s defence of the “renowned international pharma companies” is quite touching. How does he explain the alacrity with which they produced vaccines without resorting to the standard 3 to 5 year testing period? Why, if the vax is so marvellous, did the FDA refuse to disclose its contents until US Federal court judge Mark Pittman ordered it to do so by August? How does Reuning account for the widespread Covid re-infections occurring amongst the vaxxed in Israel, Ireland, Belgium? Where is there merit in profiting from a drug that does not produce immunity, causes re-infection and weakens the immune system yet has brought billions in profits to Big Pharma (see BizNews, February 11)?

Reuning’s challenges on references to myocarditis were cited previously from, inter alia, the American Heart Association. The spike in pulmonary embolisms among the US military following mass vaxxing is completely out of character with the pre-vaxxing 2015-2020 period and therefore cannot be dismissed as unproven, as Reuning asserts.

By claiming that “there is not a single study which shows ivermectin has any positive effect,” Dr Reuning scores no own goal. There are scores of studies that attest to the efficacy of ivermectin which RF Kennedy references in the first chapter of his book. Ivermectin is officially endorsed in Peru and Mexico. The state of Uttar Pradesh in India, reported the India Express last May, has a 98% recovery rate from Covid using ivermectin. Last September the CDC recommended ivermectin for refugees entering the US. Frontline Doctors in the US had a 99,99% recovery rate after treating 150,000 Covid patients.

Based on the above, there is no credibility in Dr Reuning’s plea to The Mercury to silence opinions that differ from the Big Pharma narrative he endorses because they are “dangerous.”

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