Covid Vax Is Not A ‘Gift From God’

It is both sad and shocking that the KZN Christian Council (KZNCC) and the SA Council of Churches, which includes Cardinal Wilfrid Napier, see fit to promote Covid vaccination on the basis that it is  “a gift from God” (The Mercury, February 10).

In accepting the opinion of Professor Hoosen Vawda of the UKZN Nelson Mandela Medical School that getting the jab is necessary and “does not amount to taking poison,” those clerics have demonstrated complicity in a campaign that very much challenges the view that it is God-ordained.

If the vax was a “gift from God,” how do they account for the VAERS (vaccine adverse events reporting system) which although it passively records less than 10% of reports, notes that well over 2 million recipients of the jab have suffered life-threatening effects and over 50,000 have died?

How can these clerics promote what is actually a drug, the contents of which will emerge in August 2022 and not in 2096,  thanks to the insistence of US Federal judge Mark Pittman? Why would God inflict something that not only fails to produce Covid immunity but reinfects the vaxxed with it?

Why would God promote an injection which is experimental when the recovery rate is 99% and there are proven, inexpensive remedies (HCQ and ivermectin) to combat the virus?

Since these clerics must be aware of the strident opposition overseas to vax mandates and the fascist treatment being imposed on that opposition, how do they equate that with the will of God?

Dr Lucas Ngoetjana of the KZNCC argues that those theologically opposed to the vax are guilty of “misapplication of scriptures.” Yet it does not require a theology degree to recognise the similarity between the evils and “sorceries” of Babylon of which Isaiah warned in chapters 46 and 47 and the same warnings contained in Revelations 17 and 18. The new world order as envisaged by the rulers of the World Economic Forum is the Babylon of our times with its woke culture and rejection of God.

The reference in Rev 18:3 to “the merchants of the earth grew rich from her excessive luxuries” resonates exactly with the reported billions Big Pharma has reaped from the promotion of the vax (see: BizNews, February 11).

Wittingly or unwittingly, Professor Vawda’s promotion of the vax narrative is not surprising given the funding the Gates Foundation supplies to the UKZN Medical School, the KZN Dept of Health, the Human Sciences Research Council and the SA Medical Research Council.

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