COVID Measures Herald A New Oppression

Although a week has passed since the new Covid regulations were published, the absence of opposition and outrage at their unscientific restrictions on civil liberties is unusual in a society which never misses an opportunity to recall the oppression of the past, yet fails to recognise a new oppression being surreptitiously imposed in the name of public health.

The late, lifelong opponent of communism, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, warned of the insidious, piecemeal manner in which liberty is progressively constrained by governments. Despite the very limited effect that Covid has had in South Africa – data that has suppressed deaths from ‘flu, pneumonia and co-morbidities  – the resolve of the World Health Organisation’s local chapter, the ANC, to persist in imposing controls on society indicates an agenda that has totalitarian outcomes.

Already this same political cabal saw fit in 2020 to ban the wearing of sandals, prohibited travel, swimming in the ocean and surfing, banned cigarettes and alcohol sales, effectively closed churches and severely disrupted education. Yet, as a recent study of data in Europe shows, there was no correlation between compulsory mask-wearing and other restrictions and the transmission of Covid.

Some 400 studies made at the Brown Institute in the US found there is no science in masks preventing transmission of Covid. Sweden and the state of South Dakota did not mandate mask-wearing yet did not incur any spike in death rates. If masks were so effective, there would be no need to isolate TB cases and ‘flu cases would become rare.

While the UK and 41 other countries have scrapped all Covid regulations, the imposition of limits on the size of indoor gatherings, mandating compulsory mask-wearing and requiring proof of vaxxing or negative testing by the ANC constitutes the perpetuation of a contrived climate of fear and submissiveness to unscientific, politically motivated authoritarianism.

What is particularly alarming about these restrictions is the likelihood that they will become a permanent part of the Health Act despite the fact that they serve no purpose in safeguarding health. They also ignore the proven efficacy of natural immunity and the reality that vaxxing weakens immune systems and facilitates viral transmission.

The latest Covid regulations undoubtedly herald the prospect of a new oppression. Yet a deafening silence prevails on the part of those who have scorned attempts to expose the fallacies involving Covid and vaxxing.

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