COVID Draft Bill Echoes Rhodes’ Smallpox Response

There appear to be strong parallels with how the outbreak of smallpox in the Kimberley diamond fields in 1883/84 was dealt with and the somewhat arcane nature of the amended draft health regulations regarding Covid treatment (The Mercury, April 6).

Originating from migrant Mozambican workers, between November 1883 and the latter part of 1884, smallpox accounted for the deaths of 600 African mine labourers. For mining magnate and capitalist Cecil Rhodes, the possible closure of the diamond fields as a result of the disease was a prospect he refused to consider. Consequently, he ordered what historian Russel Viljoen termed “a conspiracy of silence.”

Although his chief medical officer, Dr JA Smith, had verified the outbreak as smallpox, Rhodes blackmailed him into denying it and instead required that it be hushed up and dismissed as nothing more than an outbreak of chickenpox. Having recently been awarded a grand annual salary package of £600 per annum by Rhodes, Smith’s compliance in concealing the health risk amounted to medical fraud.

However, one of Smith’s colleagues expressed “severest censure” of Rhodes for this cover-up. As historian Russel Viljoen remarked, “the imperilment of people in the cause of financial gain undoubtedly constitutes a low point in the history of mining capitalism in colonial South Africa.”

In 2022 South Africans face imperilment from a government which has shown an appetite for macro-control of society through the application of unscientific regulations which now envisage compulsory Covid vaxxing.

Given the mounting evidence of the multiple adverse effects of vaxxing which include miscarriages, diminished immunity levels leading to AIDS, heart failure and death, there is neither science in promoting nor sanity in enforcing Covid vaxxing.

Yet, just as Rhodes prioritised wealth over health, it is an established fact that Big Pharma and its financial, political and media allies have prospered to the tune of billions by promoting Covid protocols and vaxxing.

For South Africa to avoid the illnesses vaxxing guarantees and the progressive erosion of civil and personal freedoms by means of Orwellian-type monitoring and surveillance, the message to Health minister, Joe Phaala, should be: Stop conspiring with the dictates of the World Health Organisation which is financed by and adheres to the totalitarian agenda of the World Economic Forum elite.

The other message imperilled South Africans need to propagate is to the medical fraternity: Stop supporting medical fraud. Be like the doctor who censured Rhodes.  Recognise that Covid can be successfully treated with ivermectin or HCQ and reject the untested, proven harmful, Covid drugs, falsely called vaccines.

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