Cop Refused Bail After Finding Stolen Mercedes Used In Cash-in-transit Heist At Her Home

Khanyisile Viola Nyalunga, a 29-year-old Mbomblela traffic inspector who was detained for allegedly having ties to robbers, was denied bail. Twitter/CrimeInSA image

The Mpumalanga court denied bail to Khanyisile Viola Nyalunga, a Mbombela traffic official who was involved in a botched cash-in-transit theft at Hazyview.

The 29-year-old’s case was continued until September when she appeared in court on Wednesday.

Nyalunga was detained on Friday, and according to Captain Dineo Lucy Sekgotodi of the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation (often known as the Hawks) in Mpumalanga, she appeared in court for the first time on Monday.

“Accused Khanyisile Viola Nyalunga was denied bail by the White River Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday, August 2, for [her alleged involvement in a] cash-in-transit heist,” Sekgotodi stated.

“The case was postponed to September 27, for further investigation. The accused (Nyalunga) remains in custody.”

The White River Magistrate’s Court heard the traffic officer’s request for release on Tuesday and Wednesday after receiving the case from the Hazyview Magistrate’s Court on Monday. The court dismissed the traffic officer’s request for bail.

The Hawks said Nyalunga was arrested after being linked to a foiled cash-in-transit heist.

“It is alleged that on Thursday, July 27, at about 1.30pm an armoured vehicle of Fidelity security company was travelling from White River to Hazyview, escorted by a TSU (security) vehicle,” said Sekgotodi.

“At the White River/Hazyview junction, as the armoured vehicle turned right into Hazyview, it was rammed by a grey Mercedes-Benz sedan.”

One of the Mercedes Benz vehicles allegedly recovered at the residence of Mbombela traffic official Khanyisile Nyalunga. Photo: Hawks

Injuring the security personnel inside, the attackers “immediately” began firing at the cash-in-transit van. They were eventually taken to a hospital for medical attention, according to Sekgotodi.

The TSU (security) showed there as well and started firing back. According to intelligence, the suspects escaped in three further sedans, Sekgotodi stated.

The Hawks claim that a car owned by Nyalunga was seen transporting some of the attackers and the weapons used in the botched theft.

The team of investigators followed up on information that resulted in Nyalunga’s arrest after they discovered stolen cars parked in her yard that had also been seen on the crime scene. The suspect (Nyalunga) was detained, and the vehicles were seized, according to Sekgotodi.

The vehicles confiscated at Nyalunga’s home had been reported as stolen, according to preliminary investigations.

“The silver Mercedes Benz ML250 was stolen at Mhala, in Mpumalanga, in June 2023, and the Mercedes Benz C-Class sedan was stolen at Vosloorus (Gauteng), in February 2021,” claimed Sekgotodi.

One of the Mercedes Benz vehicles allegedly recovered at the residence of Mbombela traffic official Khanyisile Nyalunga. Photo: Hawks

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