One of the clauses in Independent Newspapers’ Code of Conduct pledges to “strive to eliminate distortion.” But the publication of the article headed ‘Frightening effects of climate change,’ (March 23) does not uphold that clause because it distorts the reason for climate change.

By repeatedly propagating the narrative ordained by the globalist, new world order elite that climate change is man-made, The Mercury is distorting reality. Claiming that the credibility of this narrative is beyond question simply because it reflects the consensus of the United Nations is a further distortion of truth. It is well known that there are scientists who will produce the findings that their financiers want.

The key error in the March 23 article is that fossil fuels are causing climate change and that unless CO2 emissions are eliminated, doom is certain. Those claims are a gross distortion of truth. Climate change is a natural phenomenon attested to by history. Warmer and cooler periods have occurred throughout recorded history when fossil fuels were buried in the ground.

Claiming that cyclone Freddy, which has ravaged parts of southern Africa and Mauritius, is the direct cause of global warming is a stark distortion of truth. Cyclones are a historical and natural reality of the summer period of that Indian Ocean region.  Studies of the occurrence of hurricanes in the Caribbean show no increase in frequency since 1900, proving that fossil fuels have no bearing on that weather phenomenon.

The other major distortion of the March 23 article is its condemnation of greenhouse gases. It is a proven fact that carbon dioxide is essential for plant growth. According to Professor William Happer of Princeton University, carbon dioxide is not the “demon gas” the globalist elite wishes to eliminate. It is what drives life and is essential to the environment.

Quoting Environment minister Barbara Creecy on climate change does nothing to lend credibility to the March 23 article because the ANC is part of the globalist new world order. Through its National Adaptation Response Strategy it is faithfully serving its masters whose order to reduce fossil fuel usage is going to exacerbate unemployment and poverty in South Africa.

To uphold the principle of audi alteram partem, The Mercury should publish what someone like Professor Happer has to say on climate change.

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